The quiet occurence


WRITER Henri Nouwen declared that the beauty of Christmas was in its quiet occurrence.
He said it reminded him that “salvation comes from something small, tender and vulnerable — something hardly noticeable”.
Quietly. the genuine Christmas story has had an impact on not only the history, but also the psyche of Western culture.
In some ways, the modern celebrations seem at odds with the mission of Jesus.
The celebration is often about greed and indulgence. The mission is about love and hope.
But amid the paradox is the revelation that Jesus was also called Emmanuel — meaning God with us.
He is present at Christmas, whether or not we acknowledge him


16 thoughts on “The quiet occurence

  1. Yes indeed. It doesn’t matter how vicious the so called ‘war on Christmas’ might or might not be, nothing can change the fact in Jesus and the Spirit God is with us. Thanks for this key reminder!


  2. “In some ways, the modern celebrations seem at odds with the mission of Jesus”

    And ? IF Jesus has a problem with that he can pop back down and tell us can’t he ?


    • Glad to see that Dabbles has resurrected the old tale about ‘Wild shepherds washing their socks by night.’
      But I’ve got another tale that is my favorite Christmas story. There may be some here who have never heard it before. – The Sunday school class of littlies was asked to draw some picture out of the Nativity accounts.

      One little girl did a creditable drawing of some people in an aeroplane. And the teacher very tactfully asked her just what was the scene. and the little kid answered that she was depicting the ‘Flight into Egypt’. Oh said the teacher. ‘Now who is this person in the plane?’

      ‘That’ said the Kid, ‘is Pontius the Pilot.’ ‘I see’ said the teacher. ‘But who is this big fat man?’

      ‘Oh that is John’, came the answer. ‘John’ queried the teacher. ‘Yes’ said the child. ;’It’s John Virgin’. ‘John Virgin?’ asked the teacher.

      Oh yes, said the Kid. You know John. We sing about him in the Christmas hymn. You know, …..’Round John Virgin, mother and child ……..’

      And with that, I wish all on the list a happy, merry and blessed Noel.
      from Rian and his Pussy-cats.


  3. “The quiet occurence” ??

    The most extravagant astronomical fireworks anyone has ever heard of, hordes of heavenly choirs ~ including even Herald Angels (lucky Rupert wasn’t there as a cub reporter), shepherds distracted from their sock-washing and running around like headless chooks ~ and their sheep panicking and running onto the Road (one which led to Rome, naturally), Oriental kings and their entourages schlepping across the globe and getting Herod out of bed in the middle of the night, a woman screaming at the usual labour-ward volumes, a kid crying because he didn’t want to be ejected only to be rejected, and ,,,,, and,,,,,

    I don’t know what sort of world Henri Nouwen lives in, but around here the coppers would lob on the doorstep with a Cease-and Desist Order and/or a ‘Disturbing the Peace’ warrant in about 2 seconds flat!
    ….closely followed by the Child Welfare authorities who’d probably take the kid into protective custody.

    …..just another case of ‘Faith’ vs ‘Reality’, huh?
    ……or did something get lost in the translation ~ always a good standby! 🙂

    Still…Have a good one.


  4. “salvation comes from something small, tender and vulnerable — something hardly noticeable”

    Gee whiz their might be something to the smaller things in life after all. Wonder where that mocking bird was to have a dig at Henri


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