Astronomer examines the star of Bethlehem

ASTRONOMER Dean Regas writes: “At this time of year, people often ask for my astronomical/religious opinion: “What was the Star of Bethlehem?”

“What was this heavenly sign that a savior, that a Messiah, that Jesus was born? Can modern science prove what this object really was?

Astronomers have been asked these questions for over a millennium. Many of my ancestors tried valiantly and faithfully to answer it with a supernova, a comet, or a variable star. Lately the most popular answer, thanks to sky simulation software that can show the skies of Bethlehem 2000 years ago, was that it was a planetary conjunction. All of them got it wrong.”

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11 thoughts on “Astronomer examines the star of Bethlehem

  1. Would some Star to the WEST of my position please check his old email address asap to see if it’s still working? He’ll know who I mean, though only bits of him are holey…


  2. Sad cartoon on twitter showing the ‘Australian Christmas Story” (sorry no link)

    It shows the mainland, with an asylum seeker boat chugging towards Australia with a baby on board. “THE INN” is on the mainland, “THE STABLE” is in PNG, and the wise men can’t be found

    Oh what an evil tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive….

    Scott Morrison has had 15 letters from doctors complaining about conditions for 2 weeks now, and refuses to comment to our media, and the Australian people.

    To quote Phillip Adams : “There’s no pride in feeling no shame”

    This is not politics, as we used to know it … they’ve changed the language and moved the goal posts.

    This is a national disgrace, and is about humanity, and political churches and others who pay no taxes.

    The first thing Pope Francis did, was to clean out his own stable first, showing us his example, and then justifiably demands we do the same.

    See? It must be Christmas. We now have a Pope who’s not a hypocrite.

    It’s not all my prayers answered… but it’s a good beginning ….

    Merry Christmas 2013


    • Don’t be so restrained, Jimbo……….Tell us what you REALLY think.

      ‘Taxes’ may be seen as a two-edged sword: but for taxes we’d have no roads (as some might point out) …or politicians (as others might point out.)

      But I did catch the end of a news-snippett a couple of days ago to the effect that (given the parlous state of politicianpay-paucity) there’s a move afoot to make churches and other (even genuine) charities start paying their ‘fair share’ of revenue.

      Watch this space.


  3. But of course ” All of them got it wrong.”
    The Divinely-Inspired word on the grapevine is
    …….It was a dirty big firefly! 🙂
    From: The Kiss Principle


  4. This theory is not new. I remember reading a book some time ago that claimed that the Star of Bethlehem was a company of angels either heralding or celebrating the birth of Christ, hence the inability of ancient astrologers to see it everywhere.
    Also it should not be a surprise that Herod and the Jews did not really see it. Astrology was not practiced by kings (they had their own astrologers who did it for them) and this occupation was not really practiced by the Jewish Priesthood, having been outlawed by the Law of Moses.


  5. A comet was always supposed to portend great happenings. For such a great happening as this, a comet would have to later be added. Mixed with this is the Eastern astrology of predicting by the stars – not seeing ‘a’ star, but what the heck. Lovely story which helps us focus on the coming of Jesus.


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