Francis’s surprise for 2000 Immigrants

TWO thousand immigrants at the Dono di Maria shelter near the Vatican received Christmas presents from Pope Francis. He sent them useful gift packages to allow them to connect with family over the holiday season, including a Christmas card signed by the Pope, postage stamps, a pre-paid international calling card, and a free day-pass for the Rome metro, reports Catholic News Agency.

As an advocate for the poor and marginalized, Pope Francis has specifically spoken out on behalf of immigrants. On the World Day of Migrants and Refugees in September he condemned “slave labor” and human trafficking. “Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity,” he said. “They are children, women and men who leave or who are forced to leave their homes for various reasons, who share a legitimate desire for knowing and having, but above all for being more.”


16 thoughts on “Francis’s surprise for 2000 Immigrants

  1. What a beautiful for the Pope to do. He really does draw attention to these issues.

    They do that in the US with the Mexican illegals. I prefer the Republicans to the Democrats over there but the Repubs have a disgusting legacy of allowing businesses to get away with using these people for cheap labour.


    • Gee whiz somebody who swallows whole the guff that Fox Newx churns out prefers the Republican side of politics.

      Whoda thunk it 🙂


      • Don’t tell me, it should be MSNBC, CNN, the anti-Israeli New York Times magazine? I think they’re going out of business. Let me know, oh wise one, what you deem worthy of attention. In the meantime, I’ll do the opposite to you. Tack being a believer onto that list as well. xo


      • I was going to say I think for myself.

        You keep on doing the opposite though if that’s your thing 🙂


      • You really have this opposite thing down pat don’t you ? My last comment made sense then you went and did the opposite again 🙂


    • Anyway there seems to be a new movement in what should be the conservative Republican party (but which is filled with these old, what they call Rhinos). Repub, Democrat = both of them are sick and need a clean out.


      • What a good idea!…A massive cross-party enema for the…, rrrsouls who have devoted their lives to giving everybody else the shits!
        Kate, you outdo yourself!


      • I used to believe that opposing political parties had different ideasof how to achieve the same humanitarian aims. No longer. Yet it can still be true for a number of their supporters.


      • Iol Dabbles. I do think it really is time, the world over, to really reduce the size of govts. They’re full of it.

        I think it’s also time to follow Pope Francis’ lead, and not wait for the govt. to act but to take charity into our own hands. Get mobilised. Get involved on a personal level.


      • Might make an anarchist out of you yet, huh?
        You’d certainly be in good company,
        But just keep in mind that taking that track could get you crucified.
        ….or even chucked out of the CWA !


      • The results in California might just show that, more than anything, the Republican party needs open primaries. Certainly more than they need another right-wing nutbag minority group.

        “Reduce the size of govt” wow go the fox news poster child !!!

        I mean apart from education, roads, hospitals, defence, police, sanitation, public transport, housing, water supply, parks and sports facilities etc etc what do Governments do for us hey ?


      • Some people think the world’s problems are due to religion, I think many of the world’s problems are due to politicians. Not quite an anarchist though 🙂


      • It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.
        Sir Winston Churchill


  2. The republicans think the Pope’s a Marxist. The republicans think Obama is a Muslim in disguise without a birth certificate. The republicans take food stamps from thousands of war vets. The republicans gave the world the financial crisis, and blames everyone else.
    The republican movement was founded on murder and corruption, creating private elite clubs for the rich such as the ‘Skull and Crossbones’ club, complete with their perverse ‘entertainment’

    “The republicans are God, the American flag, and Justice… but they wouldn’t recognize Jesus if He were pissing in the urinal right next to them… they are psychotic monstrosities who appeal to the un-intelligent among us…. because, they say to themselves… “Look at that idiot (Bush)… if he can get to be president… then so can I” Norman Mailer.

    I was in America when Ronald Reagan became president.

    Exciting times…. Carter warning us of the coming financial peril from the oval office… but who wanted to hear doom and gloom?

    So in came the cowboy Ronnie Reagan, and we all had a ball ! He promoted the arts which won me over, to begin with, and even gave me some work over there, on a green card.

    But it was really all just a big credit card bubble waiting to burst…. for the first time a president actually created ‘Corporate America’ and as usual … based on secrets, and spying.

    So he invades Granada because he could, with the usual paranoid rantings about some airbase they were building which could be used by communists.

    The American intelligence was 10 years behind, and the first rocket hit a red cross hospital…

    Murdoch press reported it as a ‘Police Action’ ….

    So then Bush comes in, and deregulates banks and financial institutions, continues stirring up trouble in the Middle East, Murdoch helps by media lies and creating scapegoats, and BOOM !


    Then the US military ‘Lose’ 34 billion dollars in Iraq which Donald Rumsfeld has admitted, and then add to that the carnage and displaced people around the world… and last but not least the financial crisis.

    But … having gone through all that ….


    Merry Christmas


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