Crystal Clarity?

IN December 1948, a Washington radio station telephoned various ambassadors in the capital and asked what each would like for Christmas. Their replies were duly recorded and broadcast in a special program the following week:

“Peace throughout the world,” the French ambassador requested. “Freedom for all people enslaved by imperialism,” his Russian counterpart intoned…

Then came the voice of the British ambassador, Sir Oliver Franks: “Well, it’s very kind of you to ask,” he politely remarked. “I’d quite like a box of crystallized fruit.”


25 thoughts on “Crystal Clarity?

    • How would a radio station deliver world peace and/or freedom from capitalist enslavement?
      It is crystal clear that the Pommie had the most realistic request.


      • I just object to Sir Oliver being labelled as “selfish” by fossall,

        especially as he recently pontificated on this blog about the dangers of being judgmental.

        How do you know the motive of Sir Oliver’s heart fossall? How do you know that he wasn’t having a ‘senior moment’? Heck, I seem to be having them with regularity at this time because I am so stressed and tired. Then again, what if his reply was tongue-in-cheek? That’s something I would most likely deliberately say in jest if a radio station phoned me up. And so what if he was being serious? Isn’t that what Christmas is primarily about—-giving and receiving gifts?

        And how on earth can you tell if the French and Russian ambassadors meant what they asked for, or whether it was just a publicity stunt to make them look righteous and altruistic? It reminds me of the Beauty Pageants when they are asked what is important to them and just about all of them say ‘world peace’… if anyone would take them seriously!

        Why is it that so many of us can only see the worst in people? I am sick of it!


  1. “……..and wee wee shoo a merry christmas and a happy new year.”

    A miracle?
    Who’d’a thunk you could stage a shitfight with crystalised fruit?


    • I think it was very wry British humour, which I love. Also, I think it’s as Monica suggested – not bothering to be pretentious.


  2. It’s just struck me that ~ more than ever before ~ an imaginative artist could paint a fairly accurate portrait of everybody who’s left a comment on this thread
    …….just from the content and tone of the comment.
    And just in passing I wondered if that’s how Picasso got his inspiration? ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Monica would require a broader canvas.)
    no! no! no! ……. Because she posted TWO comments!


    • That would be fun. A cartoonist maybe. How would we be portrayed?
      Monica would be short, but with an arm that stretches up to knock out anyone who gives her a hard time lol
      You would be sitting at the computer half man half Dober-man ๐Ÿ™‚
      Jimbo would be part of a Minstrel show about politics
      Alexie would be the God bothering Godfather
      Bubba would be a Black Ball that sparks (sometimes)
      Dom would be cooking up some pasta post ramadam
      I would have two heads and two hearts
      Bryan would be the shepherd who opens the gate sometimes


      • LOL Kathleen,

        When you described me I had a vision of Popeye! What’s worse is that hubby agrees with the description. Ya know he’s real tall don’t ya? ๐Ÿ˜†


      • I’d be more likely to suggest that Monica’s outstretched fist would be holding lollies… ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • I would picture Dabbles as that Skylander character called Trigger Happy. He’s got a tongue hanging out and is always jumping in shooting blanks.
        By the way what happened to that picture of me as a bald guy that looks like he’s got a pencil up his rear end?


      • davinci, I forgot to do one for you.
        You remind me of the chalkboard from Mr. Squiggle. Do you remember him? Except you would be a book who was very particular about everybody being ‘to the letter’ – if not, you would bop them over the head ๐Ÿ™‚ xo


  3. Peter was waiting on two men to enter the pearly gates for Christmas. The only condition was they had to bring something with them that represented the Christmas spirit.

    The Englishman was first, showed Peter the Christmas tree under his arm and was allowed entry.

    The Australian looked a bit nervous, and pulled out a pair of women’s panties… “And just what do they have to do with Christmas”? Asked Peter…

    “Well … ” replied the Australian… “They’re Carols …. ”

    Merry Christmas all ….


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