The Christmas Krampus


EVER heard of the Christmas Krampus?

A Christmas-y story in USA Today tells of four legendary characters, other than St. Nick, who share the Christmas spotlight with him in Italy, Austria, and elsewhere. Two are naughty and two are nice.

Krampus, which comes from the German word claw, is a “yeti-like creature” who punishes bad children with a whip and places them in a basket on his back, according to the Associated Press.

La Befana, sometimes referred to as the Italian Christmas witch, has red eyes, thick lips and an eerie expression, according to a description from The New York Times. She is usually covered with soot from going up and down chimneys, and, of course, flies on a broom.

Russian Santa Claus Ded Moroz is thin and wears an ankle-length robe, and holds a scepter. There are no sleighs or reindeer accompanying this Santa. Instead, he rides in a troika pulled by three horses, according to the Times.

In Iceland, the Christmas Jolasveinars are known for their generosity and deciphering between good and evil.


14 thoughts on “The Christmas Krampus

  1. Bryan, one and all,
    Here is a little story for the season.

    The little Stone Age teenager was sitting on a cliff top with her Stone Age boyfriend late one afternoon, when the lad turned to her invitingly and said –

    “Let’s do Wee Wee Shoo before we go home?” “Oh no, not again,” She sighed. “We’ve had Wee Wee Shoo already this afternoon, and no less than four times this week.”

    “Oh please,” he begged her. “Just one more Wee Wee Shoo, before we go home?” “But I promised mummy I’d be home at the cave before dark, “ she protested. He asked her once more. “I guarantee that you’ll be home before dark. Please, just for me? It’ll only take a minute or two.”

    “Ah well,” she said resignedly. “Just once more, and then we go home.” So they stood up, linked their hands together as they gazed into the sunset, and proceeded to sing. ‘Wee wee shoo a Merry Christmas, Wee wee shoo a Merry Christmas, Wee wee shoo a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year”

    Cheers, Rian.

    (PS. Fair go Dabbles, Gee, whatever were you expecting???)


  2. The Pope’s messages to the media leading up to Christmas are certainly clear…

    “The promise was that when the glass was full, it would overflow, benefitting the poor. But what happens instead, is that when the glass is full, it magically gets bigger … and nothing ever comes out for the poor…. trade unions have been an essential force for social change without which a semblance of a decent and humane society is impossible under capitalism”

    Pope Francis.

    Yes, well… it had to come.

    The difference between western socialism and European socialism is that European socialism works. Some European countries are not doing as well as normal due to the financial crisis the USA gave us all. No apologies… no compensation… just political spin and nonsense.

    And on top of everything else….

    They call the Pope a Marxist.

    God Bless America ….


  3. The image reminds me of Black Pete that’s celebrated with St Nick early in December in The Netherlands. Bit of a worrying thing to tell children in a modern age though.


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