The claws are out over Santa


A BRITISH vicar has caused a festive furore after accidentally breaking the news to a group of primary school pupils that Father Christmas doesn’t really exist.

Parents at Charter primary school in the Wiltshire market town of Chippenham were left fielding some very awkward questions after Canon Simon Tatton-Brown explained how Santa was based on the legend of Saint Nicholas. He later apologised for causing angst.

Some parents threatened to pull their children out of a Christmas concert at his church, St Andrew’s, in protest, arguing that they would not barge into one of his services and announce that the story of Jesus was a fiction

Apparently, it’s not just children that find it difficult to grow up.

And here, Giles Fraser from The Guardian writes that ‘The ­over-the-top reaction of some parents suggests that Santa stands for something way more than a badly dressed Lapland present-giver.’


5 thoughts on “The claws are out over Santa

  1. I like the bit from the second link – ‘Faith is a process of ideas about God being continually dismantled and reconstructed’.


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