A rare bit of comic genius

I CAN’T let this day pass without marking the birthday of one of the great comic geniuses – Spike Jones, seen here with the City Slickers in the amazing and rarely seen rendition of Cocktails For Two.


7 thoughts on “A rare bit of comic genius

  1. Oh my goodness,
    that really brings back memories. I had the pleasure of seeing Spike Jones on stage at the St Kilda Palais when I was young. Hilarious insanity I must say. Dont think I’ve ever seen this clip before.

    Recall this great big guy dressed in a tiny boy scout uniform singing in childish voice three songs (I think). I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus, All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. — and cant recall the third.

    Spike was a chain smoker of the worst kind apparently, and smoked himself to an all too early death.


  2. I always enjoyed Spike. The music arrangements are quite difficult, and the timing is brilliant! A very nice compliment is paid to Spike in the movie “Radioland Murders” Hilarious!


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