Is the Pope Sneaking Out Of The Vatican At Night?


APPARENTLY so. Several news agencies are reporting that Pope Francis is sneaking out of the Vatican at night to personally give money and food to the homeless citizens of Rome.

It reminds me of the book Shoes Of The Fisherman by the Australian novelist Morris West. In that fictional account, Pope Kiril, with the help of his personal aide, sneaks out of the Vatican and explores the city of Rome dressed as a priest.

Pope Francis used to sneak out at night to meet the poor as archbishop of Buenos Aires, before he was elected pope.

An anonymous source in the church told the Huffington Post that “Swiss guards confirmed that the pope has ventured out at night, dressed as a regular priest, to meet with homeless men and women.”

Pope Francis is far from the only pope known to sneak out of the Vatican at night. As uCatholic notes, Pope John XXIII was known to sneak away from the Holy See and take in the beauty of Rome, while Pope Pius XII disguised himself as a Franciscan during World War II and helped Rome’s Jewish residents flee the city.


24 thoughts on “Is the Pope Sneaking Out Of The Vatican At Night?

  1. The recently retired (in 2011) Catholic Archbishop Barry Hickey of Perth, told us that the highlight of his day was to go for his evening walk and meet up with the homeless, and help and I believed him, he’s that kind of person. And I suspect that there are many Christian leaders who would do that, but for a pope to do such a thing, well then that is very special indeed.


      • er….. as explained many times before, ‘atheism’ isn’t a state (as distinct from a belief) that one can be converted TO.
        …..and ‘the killings’ (world-wide) will never stop until the pathological disease known as human nature (ie homosapiens) becomes extinct.
        Only the copouts vary.
        eg. Jesus is coming back to kill us ALL for our own good.

        YAY!!!! ~ as Monica might say 😉


      • Wylie,

        You sneaky coyote you! You can’t fool this old Road Runner. Er… haven’t seen dabbles about lately have you, like lurking under some old gal’s bed for instance? Onto you old mate! 🙂


      • Bugger!

        No Mon; THEY’RE hiding under MY bed! I’m even afraid to get out of bed to say my prayers.
        … and with good reason; you wouldn’t believe what happened when I FELL out of bed due to imagining you with the legs of the Roadrunner. 😯


    • “When Lenin set out to transform, fundamentally transform Russia, he didn’t say he was going to kill 40 million people, create famines and concentration camps called gulags,” Horowitz remarked. “He said he was going to give them bread, land, and peace.” David Horowitz, former Communist/Progressive

      It must have been all that ‘reasoning’ flooding his brain wot done it. He reasoned that it would be better if those people were dead, as he wasn’t able to deliver on his promises Doh! But it doesn’t matter, as long as it wasn’t religion that influenced his thinking.

      Right Michael?


      • Apparently you never grasped the fact that ‘communism’ is merely religion by another name ~ along with another ideology.~(Why do you think I’m an anarchist AND an atheist?)
        And the other main thing they have in common is a built-in strategy for failure, demonstrated by their common inability to accommodate, and/or rejection of, ‘human nature’: the very thing that makes us ‘human beings’.
        Not even the gods can make cabbages out of concrete.

        That said, and leaving aside the reality that the alleged gods have also failed to feed the masses ~ or deliver on countless other promises/ideals,
        it should be noted that for all its failings ‘communism’ has vastly improved the lot of many times more people than religion ever even attempted (attested to by the populations effected and their defence of ‘communism’).

        ….and killed FAR fewer people than the (nominally) Heavenly Hordes have butchered and continue to butcher on a daily basis.

        ……and btw:- I don’t recall that (Lenin) “….. said he was going to give them bread, land, and peace.”
        As I remember, he said in many different ways that bread and land had to be fought for, and if necessary died for.
        And never forget that the early struggles of communism, and those famines not resulting from severe droughts, were caused ~ more often than not deliberately ~ by the enemies of ‘communism’, including invasion by the ‘allied forces’ which had been recently fighting WW1. (The very same Allies who conspired to smuggle Lenin etal INTO Russia ~ in a sealed train through TWO WW1 Front Lines and several national borders so they could start the Revolution and take over.)

        Why do I suspect you, like so many other people brought up on the “Reds Under The Bed” psychosis, never actually got past the self-serving propaganda in order to educate themselves on the facts?

        Here’s a simple/generalised place to start:-


      • Speaking of the Reds Under the Beds frenzy, I used to know a li’l ol’ lady who…er, ‘religiously’ checked under her bed every night after saying her prayers and before getting between the sheets.
        ……in case she got lucky. 😉


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  3. My kids used to enjoy watching ‘Saving Grace’ (Tom Conti) About the Pope who accidentally locks himself out, and then decides to stay ‘lost’ in Rome for a while. Nice plot …

    And Rush Limbaugh calls the Pope a Marxist.

    That’s one for the books.


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