Bambi is Jewish?


YES, according to a Jewish scholar, the famous cartoon doe-eyed fawn Bambi is surely Jewish.

Menachem Wecker looks at the evidence that the 1942 Disney classic is a subtle retelling of the perils of anti-Semitism faced by Jews in Europe as cast by Felix Salten, who wrote the book the film was based on. As Wecker writes, “What could be more Jewish than an animated, doe-eyed fawn gallivanting around the forest with pals Thumper the hare and Flower the skunk?” Well, there’s evidence.


13 thoughts on “Bambi is Jewish?

  1. I’ll give the deer some thought.

    But I’m happy to accept that the authors of the claim are jewish, because, typically, instead of inventing something themselves, they aggressively try to steal the fruits of somebody else’s endeavours.It’s been like that ever since they stole their god, then stole the land of the canaanites, and later the palestinians…..right up to the theft of the atomic bomb
    ….and beyond. 😉


    • Unfortunately all too true about Walt. Personally I’m a mad Disney fan, but it disturbs me to read what a sadly bigoted Right-Winger that he was. just loved Bambi. have collected three or four dozen old Disney movies on Video from Op Shops, now that everybody is chucking them out.


      • er…. (“what a sadly bigoted Right-Winger that he was”):- as opposed to what, Rian?…. a joyously bigoted Left-Winger?

        Why should a decidedly biased attempt at theft of an ‘intellectual property’ be tolerated just because the would-be thieves are jewish?

        ….and let’s face it, when it comes to Right-Wing bigots and fascism generally you’d be hard-pressed to find any people more so than modern jews.
        (and find the other main contenders lie among other religious fanatics).

        Not since the previous nazis’ reign has ANYONE been allowed to get away with everything from mass-murder and crimes against humanity through ethnic-cleansing (with a view to genocide) to threatening the whole world with the unilateral use of thermonuclear weapons…..the very possession of which are illegal by international standards enforced elsewhere.


      • I love them too Rian.

        Remember when they were shown on TV every Sunday (I think)? It was the highlight of my childhood week. No I am buying them for my grand-daughters to watch when they are a bit older.


    • Sex-crazed semites, apparently…… 🙂

      Reminds me of an old mate who was subjected to a Rorschach test, and every inkblot they showed him made him think of ‘Sex!’

      …..Finally the shrink jumped up and declared that Jonesy was a bloody sex-maniac.
      ….and Jonesy replied that it was all the Shrink’s fault for showing him all the sexy pictures!


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