Words you (apparently) can’t say on TV

VIEWERS of The US version of The Voice complained this week after a group of singers on the TV show omitted “Lord,” “dying savior” and “heaven” from a popular Christian hymn.

The word “Lord” was replaced with “oh” while eight singers performed Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Many outraged fans took to Voice judge and country music singer Blake Shelton’s Twitter page to complain, but Shelton said he was just as shocked as viewers.

“I don’t know what, uh — how it happened, or — I’m learning about it just like you guys are. I was sitting in my chair singing that song how I grew up on it, with ‘in the sky, Lord, in the sky.’ I sang it as loud as I could,” he told Zap2It. “And that might be why I didn’t realize until after the fact that ‘Lord’ was either taken out, or it was just performed some other way.”

The show’s executive producer Mark Burnett, who also produced the popular TV series “The Bible,” said he was surprised about the lyric changes as well.

So here’s another (better) version of the song by Johnny Cash, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and others….and it includes the words!


16 thoughts on “Words you (apparently) can’t say on TV

  1. Yep, the Yanks have it all back to front. Friend of mine while in Hawaii got almost arrested for ordering black coffee. The correct way was apparently coffee without milk. He was saved by the fact that he was from Australia.


  2. Since when? Is this America or some Communist country?

    I’ve never heard of this happening in the US before, but I am hearing about it quite frequently in the last couple of years. What’s going on there? Are they trying to rid the country of the influence of religion? What countries have done that before and for what reason?

    Saw this coming.


    • Funny that, Kate:- “I’ve never heard of this happening in the US before, but I am hearing about it quite frequently in the last couple of years. What’s going on there? Are they trying to rid the country of the influence of religion?”….
      ……I understand that’s almost precisely what the Injuns were saying when the Pilgrims set up shop in what is NOW ‘the US’.

      …….and suspect it’s the golden thread running through the jewish reaction to that Tradition-Smasher from Nazareth.

      …….And fond as I am of Johnny Cash, can he really be compared to, say, Satchmo?

      Certainly innovation doesn’t always lead to ‘progress’, but just as certainly there can be no progress without innovators.

      Makes me wonder what happened to Free Will: what god giveth man taketh away, hey? 😯


    • Well, just as Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash blend well together, so can controlling politicians and the religious, surely.

      Loved it Dabbles. Especially from 5:25.


      • It’ll be an interesting one to watch.
        However the first argument that springs to mind is that ‘With the acceptance of rights comes the obligation of responsibilities’.
        For example, one does NOT have a constitutional religious right to burn witches at the stake, nor to starve children to death for Jesus, etc.

        Just yesterday we were seeing reports of a bunch of amish rrrsoles who were going to great lengths to avoid necessary, life-saving medical care for a young girl reportedly dying of cancer. The fact that the girl was herself also actively avoiding medical treatment speaks to another disgusting (‘evil’ if you please!) aspect of ‘Religious Rights’:- that of brainwashing children too young to defend themselves.

        If that sort of (fairly commonly practised) crap is in fact constitutional then the constitution needs scrapping.


      • Well Dabbles, I don’t actually think they burn witches at the stake anymore and I’m sure if they did, it would be stopped and rightly so. Let’s see if the Government who is just so much more wise than the religious, will then put a stop to abortions? Actually it won’t, it’s enforcing people to pay for it via their taxes. So much for the secular superiority.


  3. Ahhh! I do love well-brought up catholic girls when they get excited! They so lose track of which end is up that they fall prey to any button-pusher who happens by! 😉

    Firstly, Kate, keep in mind that the issue has nothing to do with secular/sectarian rivality; and couldn’t have, in fact, given the unavoidable overlap where you expect secular laws/values to enforce sectarian dogma and vice-versa.
    Moreover. the issues in play have nothing to do with abortion anyway, but whether some people should be discriminated against because of somebody else’s beliefs. (in this case the “Christian Business owners”.)
    If you went into a bottle-shop to buy a case of your favourite drop and the bloke behind the bar didn’t believe in allowing women to drink and so refused to serve you in defiance of the (existing) anti-discrimination laws, what do you suppose your reaction would be?
    Same thing.

    Secondly, anybody that even remotely, in the vaguest way, comes up with the proposition that government OR church operate from a basis of ‘wisdom’ shouldn’t be allowed within rifle-shot of a bottle-shop under any circumstances! 😆

    Thirdly, don’t kid yourself that witch-burning no longer happens. These days they just use drones and napalm and the UN instead of the outdated and much less-efficient tools of yore.. The ostracism, demonisation and murderous ‘correctional’ ministrations are fuelled by the same self-righteous flames.
    And that doesn’t even raise the more conventional churchly ministrations, like the cases where someone is ‘sent to god’ after a tortuous two weeks or more of ‘exorcism’ and deliberate mental derangement (which is still part of the catholic armoury against the forces of evil, isn’t it?) as has happened twice here in Victoria to my knowledge.

    Nor does it address the underground cells where whole congregations of crackpots practising their religious freedoms imprisoned sometimes for weeks ~ and usually tortured and starved, publically flogged, grossly humiliated, etc. ~ recalcitrant boys who wouldn’t get with the program or young girls who were suspected of ‘wayward inclinations’.

    God only knows how many bodies are buried in and around the Dandenong Ranges ~ and probably in other regions too. Except for the ones consigned to the flames: ever seen a large, sealable, incinerator in a church? (an ‘underground’ church, he corrects wryly.)
    I have.

    Still, I do agree with you about people being forced to pay taxes for things of which they either don’t approve or actually disapprove.
    And the solution is simple:- Exercise your catholic-conscientious religious rights AND DON’T PAY THE BLOODY EXTORTION.
    (but just don’t whinge to Bryan about the deterioration of the roads! 🙂 )

    …oh!… and I do know a couple of ravenous lions who’d love lend you their moral support in your stand in the name of all that’s holy
    …until dinner-time, anyway. 😆


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