Has the Stonehenge Riddle Been Solved?


FOR years researchers have tried to pinpoint exactly where the enormous stones used in the English monument came from–and how they ended up on an otherwise grassy Salisbury Plain.

It’s long been thought that the iconic monument’s outer stones were hauled from a sandstone quarry situated 20 to 30 miles away, National Geographic reported. The inner stones, however, have presented a tougher question.

Currently, there are two prevailing theories about the inner stones’ origins. One is that an ancient glacier simply pushed them near to the site where the monument was erected, according to NatGeo. The other is that they were somehow hauled there by some exceedingly enterprising early humans.

Now a team of researchers say they’ve located the rocky Welsh hill where some of Stonehenge’s inner stones originated. The team — made up of archaeologists and geologists from several United Kingdom institutions — claim to have matched a type of stone found at Stonehenge, called a spotted dolerite bluestone, to the Carn Goedog outcrop in Wales, the BBC reported.

Located more than 100 miles from Stonehenge in the Preseli Mountains of Pembrokeshire, the Carn Goedog bluestones were matched with their famous counterparts via chemical analysis, among other scientific techniques.



23 thoughts on “Has the Stonehenge Riddle Been Solved?

  1. Hmm! Assuming that this structure was built before Noah’s flood – The Bible tells us that mankind:
    – Built cities (Genesis 4:11)
    – Advanced Music to Musical Instruments (Gen. 4:21)
    – Advanced Civilisation from stone age to bronze and iron age (Gen. 4:22)
    – Built ships that would only be matched in size after the 19th century (Noah’s ark).
    Then we have Noah’s flood. But it is not inconceivable that a lot of pre-flood knowledge and technology might have been taken with him.
    After the Flood we have:
    – The tower of Babel, which would have required knowledge of engineering to even conceive such a structure on a massive scale.

    If you read Josephus’ take on Genesis he makes the claim that:
    – The sons of seth were astronomers
    – Cain invented the concept of weights and measurement to stop people sponging off others.
    – Abraham introduced mathematics and astronomy to the Egyptians.

    Perhaps our idea of the so called prehistoric man might need to be revised. Evolution has brainwashed too many people in believing that the so called prehistoric man was a brute caveman, little better than the animals he hunted.


      • It might be an “interesting take” if Josephus had ANY credentials/qualifications to comment on ANYthing other than gossip.
        He didn’t.

        And even if he had, his ‘sources’ ~ at best ~ would have dated back to the relatively recent garbled versions of other superstitious ignorants who supposedly recorded ‘history’. *
        Josephus couldn’t even conceive of a PRE History.,,, let alone a Middle-Eastern one.

        He had no way of knowing that aboriginal societies on several (if not all) continents had been using astronomy, mathematics, engineering, etc.for sometimes THOUSANDS of years of the ‘pre-history’ godbotherers studiously avoid, since it predated ‘god’s’ creation of the heavens and the earth.
        eg Our very own Blackfellers who navigated their obviously seaworthy boats to Australia apparently FIFTY THOUSAND YEARS before Adam was ‘created’…..in some place that ‘history’ , strangely, DOESN’T pinpoint.

        Neither had he the slightest inkling of the Olduvai Gorge, or the other sites of early human evolution around Lake Victoria and Johannesburg/Pretoria, where the actual evidence still exists of human advancement: no self-serving gossip/rumour necessary.

        The reliance on ‘belief’ can only, at most, be justified where the demonstrable FACTS don’t outright contradict it.

        Here, for example, is another expressed ‘belief, at least as ‘credible’ as that of Josephus:-

        *William Whiston, a 17/18th century translator of the Antiquities, stated in a footnote that he believed Josephus mistook Seth for Sesostris, king of Egypt, the erector of the pillar in Siriad (being a contemporary name for the territories in which Sirius was venerated (i.e., Egypt). He stated that there was no way for any pillars of Seth to survive the deluge, because the deluge buried all such pillars and edifices far underground in the sediment of its waters.

        Any ‘belief’ as to how the stones of Stonehenge were arranged as they are may be bolstered by the FACT that they are, in FACT there.
        There’s no such factual evidence for the Great Flood nor most else of biblical ‘history’,
        …..including the very existence most of the leading characters.


      • Agree with you on the advancement of the “primitive man.” We just rising up again from primitivism. The so called fall of man was not in the same sense religions call sin, but forgetting what we already know from the beginning.


      • Dabbles,
        How do you know that the archaeologists are telling the truth about the length of time aboriginals were in australia? The very same scientific fraternity upon whom you base your faith, once measured the age of a living snail and deducted it had been dead for milions of years, when in fact they’d just killed it by radio active measuring.


      • davinci,
        Where on earth did you get that living snail story from? Unless of course it is one of those myths which circulate among Christians. There was also a myth that Charles Darwin was converted to Evangelical Christianity during his last few months of life. There was a tale just a few years back that scientists in doing a deep bit of excavation into the earth, managed to break through to Hell. They could hear the terrified screams of the damned until they covered it over again. And the experience caused certain of the excavators to be converted to Christianity. Recall too that St Denis of France had his head cut off. But decapitated as he was, he picked up his head and carried it to his grave, preaching sermons as he walked.

        Sure there are scientists who have made mistakes. But there again there have been multitudes of Christians who have made mistakes. Martin Luther was absolutely scathing about the incredible scientific teaching that the Earth circles round the Sun. There were Popes who taught that it was correct and proper to utilize torture when interrogating heretics. Recall all the Christians through 1900 years who believed that Jews and Judaism were evil. Look too at the Christians in the 19th century who fought like crazy in order to maintain the Slave Trade. Loads and loads of examples I could give here.

        But please do tell just where one can read about that snail story.


  2. Does it really need to be that complicated or ‘mysterious’??
    I ‘believe’ they were smuggled down there in the trouser-legs of REALLY big blokes, who the pulled on a string in their pockets and dumped them there surreptitiously.

    Wonderful thing, ‘Belief’.
    ….but I don’t need to tell you lot that, do I? 😉


  3. Lucky Stonehenge is there otherwise it would be a car park or a block of flats. Does anyone own a crane ? I want to put a few more up.


    • ….says Dom, who CHOOSES to live in the most cluttered place on the face of the earth. ‘)
      ….anyway, given the impositions and influence of religious rule (and the vast number of transgressors and other miscreants, calculated on a per-capita basis) I’d be surprised if there were any rocks larger than throwing-size left in that part of the world. 😯


      • People don’t choose where they live they just generally hang out near where they are born. Example who would choose to live in Victoria ? Please.


      • I was just kidding. I worked in Melbourne for a few months. I am sure under hypnosis those memories will come flooding back …… just kidding again. 😉

        M brother is in Melbourne. Next time I am there I would like to visit you if possible.


      • oops! I presume it doesn’t need saying I was pulling your leg Dom; but was under the distinct impression that you once told us you were Italian (and a concrete-worker at that!), and used to be a catholic. No?

        Anyway, I second Bryan’s comments and would be pleased to say g’day anytime you’re inclined.


      • ps….as for who’d choose to live in Victoria, I’ve gotta say I would, all things considered. (one of which is that they WON’T let me outta here! 🙂 )
        But it has got a lot going for it, one of the deciders being its so small that everything’s within easy reach (including no end of free medical services : which matters as one gets older).

        Just now I’m living in an attractive rural area (lakes, mountains) 90 mins from CBD Melb. (quicker if there’re no coppers around 😉 ), an hour from (Great Southern Ocean) beaches as good as anywhere and 45 mins from the ski-fields. (and probably the cheapest house-prices anywhere ~ ACTUALLY “affordable” ~ in case anybody wants to know).

        But for me to hang around where I was born would mean living in a stuffed Europe among hordes of bloody germans!
        (…and they WON’T let me in there!)


      • pps. I automatically punched the ‘go’ button before including:-

        “O wonder!
        How many goodly creatures are there here!
        How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
        That has such people in’t.”
        —William Shakespeare,


      • Hi Dabs,

        Our Dutch visitor wants to see the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles. Come to think of it, I too would love to see that stunning coastline again. But I believe there are only seven rock formations standing now—what a shame. I was 18 years old the first time I saw the Twelve Apostles and whilst walking across the London Arch and standing in the middle of it, much to my horror a sudden gust of wind; an updraft, actually lifted me a few inches off the ground. I kid you not! It so easily could have swept me off the rock formation and to my death. I can still remember the shock of it all.

        Of course now an updraft wouldn’t budge me. Now it would take a tornado to lift my feet off the ground. 😆


      • onya Mon! 😆
        Odd though: given cannonballs are designed for their aerodynamic properties.
        So then I tried to picture you as a Mary Poppins floating off into the sunset. Apparently some things are beyond even the remarkable power of the human imagination.

        But I think I had dinner with a clone of you last night. 😉
        Never mind the wind…..couldn’t even tip her over with a crowbar! Tried talking in tongues and all.
        …….then I remembered the half-bottle of sljivovica parked in the cabinet (not game to touch it without having someone around to call an ambulance!),…… and that greased the skids a bit.
        ,,,,and made HER windy!

        Who WOULDN’T choose Victoria! 🙂


      • Bryan, Dabbles, Dom,

        if you guys do manage a meet up in Melbourne, could you cope with me as well. I’d like to meet some of you. I”m only an hour and a half away.


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