Aussie house shatters Christmas lights record


THE Richards family in Canberra have turned on more than half a million Christmas lights, reclaiming a Guinness world record they first held in 2011.

David Richards says he and his wife Janean and their three kids installed the 502,165 multicoloured streamers, icicles, candy canes, reindeer and other candescent decorations. It may seem a bit silly but it’s for a good cause – raising money for a SIDS organisation.

“The charity is very close to our heart. We lost a child and SIDS looked after us many years ago,” he said.

The Richards’ last effort raised $78,000 and helped pay for two part time counsellors.

This time, though, they hope to break $100,000.

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2 thoughts on “Aussie house shatters Christmas lights record

  1. I like this. Normally against the individualistic competition for the best display, I have favoured community efforts to transform a public space or building. But the purpose behind this effort gets a thumbs up from me.


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