Church of England officials on six-figure salaries

As charities and councils come under pressure to rein in executive pay, it has emerged that the Church of England’s top official is paid more than the British Prime Minister.

The London Telegraph reports that The Church of England pays its top bureaucrat over £10,000 more than the Prime Minister receives despite the church recently launching a series of attacks on high executive salaries.

Papers laid before the Church’s General Synod, which has been meeting this week, show that eight lay officials across the Church’s London headquarters and its financial arm receive more than 100,000 a year.

Questions were raised about the level of pay for top Church officials after William Shawcross, chairman of the Charity Commission, recently warned that charities risk bringing good causes into “disrepute” by awarding further pay rises to chiefs on six-figure sums.


5 thoughts on “Church of England officials on six-figure salaries

  1. WOW!! “As charities and councils come under pressure to rein in executive pay, it has emerged that the Church of England’s top official is paid more than the British Prime Minister.”

    How much does his Boss get then?? ….or does He make piece-rates from the tight-fisted Israelites?? 😯


  2. Pigs with their snouts in the trough. It happens everywhere. I feel sorry for the people on the ground working hard to collect money through fundraising. I want to start an egg an executive day. WHO IS WITH ME ! ….. Just eggs Dabbles, just eggs.


  3. Actually, since you mention it, I was about to make sure all the lucky taxpayers out there were aware of the latest little rort-in-the-making: pensionable age will be raised to 70 (and will go higher as life-expectancy increases) , along with a plan to make people pay for their access to services in their old age………(via the ATO of course, which will, apart from their ‘ordinary’ cut of the turnover also need extra funding to run THAT new department,) by handing over a portion of the “assessed” value of their assets/homes ~ after having worked a lifetime feeding the mandated banking/economic/taxation/etc systems in order to ‘own’ them.

    Needless to say, said ‘value’ will be dictated by the very same ‘authorities’ which rake in the loot…sort of another ‘Council-rates’ style ripoff tanked up on Red Bull.

    At least Ned Kelly had the decency to flash a gun.

    And all that’s on top of a super-charged new ‘fees-and-charges’ regime by the State government (because they’re not constitutionally allowed to levy taxes, you understand!) to raise umpteen billion bucks for some new toll-road/transport/carpark scheme devised by some relative of Sir Humphrey Appleby’s and declared essential simply because some bloody bureaucrat thought of it.
    ……..probably brought on by the willingness shown by some people to pay taxes for road-building. 🙂

    It’s enough to drive one to religion…..after thorough research to find the best deal on offer, on ‘Special’, and the relevant ‘comparison-rates’.
    ….and of course what warranties are offered, whether they’re legally enforceable,
    …and for how long the liable entity is expected to stay around before the business folds up.

    But anyone driven to thoughts of suicide by the unending imposts should remember that somebody still has to pay for the roads paved with gold, which Billy Graham tells us exist in heaven.
    So beware of the offer of a free trip to heaven/paradise/whatever; it’s little more than the ‘honeymoon rate’ to lure an unsuspecting ‘market-share’.
    ….and y’know what happens on honeymoons, don’t you? 😯


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