Forgiveness: One size fits all

EVEN Napoleon Bonaparte knew the truth about God’s love.
“Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I have founded empires,’’ he said. “But on what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded his empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for him.’’
Mahatma Gandhi was another who knew of the powerful love of Jesus.
“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians,’’ he said. “Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.’’
Theologian Henri Nouwen said life wasn’t meant to be easy. “It ought to be hard. It ought to be radical; it ought to be restless; it ought to lead you to places you’d rather not go,’’ he said.
Nouwen asked how we could live inside a world marked by fear, hatred, and violence and not be destroyed by it. His answer was: “By realising we live in a house of love’’.
He said the world was not divided up between those who have conquered fear and those who haven’t. Rather, our own days and hours are divided up between those times when we live more in fear and those times when we live more in love.
Nouwen’s point was that no-one is beyond the reach of God’s love.


7 thoughts on “Forgiveness: One size fits all

  1. Quote: Nouwen asked how we could live inside a world marked by fear, hatred, and violence and not be destroyed by it. His answer was: “By realising we live in a house of love’’. end of quoye.

    Life is only hard because we forgot this. It is true that we live in house of love. Nothing else is there, but love. Our problem is that we not realizing it. Until we do, until we remember (the prodigal son here for everyone), we will experience self inflicted hardship. No religion, no belonging to some other group, club will substitute for the realization we are in house of love.
    All that is needed is to remember. Remember who we are and where we came from.


  2. It’s really not easy and I like the meaning of “radical” I don’t know why, but my weakness is so strong it’s building giant walls around me and now I’m having difficulty watching people, soon it will start to occupy my vision of the sky. But I know God will be with me, so I’m not so afraid, cause with him, I don’t have too see with my eyes…


      • Wot’s jist plain stoush wiv us, right ‘ere to-day,
        Is “valler” if yer fur enough away.
        Some time, some writer bloke will do the trick
        Wiv Ginger Mick,
        Of Spadger’s Lane.
        ‘E’ll be a Romeo,
        When ‘e’s bin dead five ‘undred years or so.

        ….Just as well we’re god’s special creation, hey?
        We wouldn’t stand a chance otherwise.


  3. We were created by love and it is no wonder that we all try one way or the other to find Him, we do for all the wrong reasons and in the wrong people or places. I speak for myself when I say that many years ago a religious person tried converting me using fear tactics. And deep within spoke to him saying, if that’s the God you know I do not want to know him. I had enough of fear mongering but there was truth on the inside of me which told me otherwise.

    Many years later when I re-established my relationship with My Father, I came to know His love, the one I had been longing for. Why didn’t you tell me about a relationship with God and not the dos and don’ts of religion, I asked my friend one day. She was at a loss for words which told me she couldn’t because she had not known of it herself.


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