We’re all born to believe

A PROVOCATIVE book by psychologist and anthropologist Justin Barrett contends that there is a divine force embedded in our lives from birth.

The book claims infants have a natural inclination to believe in a supreme being, and that their subsequent spiritual beliefs cannot be explained as the sole result of indoctrination or brainwashing.

In other words, we are all born predisposed to religious belief.

In his book, Born Believers: The Science of Children’s Religious Belief, Barrett points to new research about systems of the human mind which develop very early, and which make belief in some sort of god almost inevitable for children

Barrett writes that belief in God is a consequence of the kind of minds we have. Most of what we believe comes from mental tools working below our conscious awareness.

He suggests that children may also be predisposed to believe in a soul that persists beyond death.


4 thoughts on “We’re all born to believe

  1. God cannot be responsible for the choices and wrongdoings of the immature humans, who are the descendants of the Fall.
    In all the history He guided the people through prophets and saints, and Jesus.
    Whenever we fulfill our portion of responsibility, we will have a chance to re-create the Garden of Eden on Earth. For this, we should see far beyond ourselves and our own surroundings.
    God never created hunger, but he gave food. Fallen men however, misuse it.
    We are to believe, sure, but more we are to live together…with Him.


  2. I agree josh-etc.:- “God cannot be responsible …”
    His track-record clearly demonstrates that.

    However, I disagree with the common misconception that “God never created hunger, but he gave food.”

    “In the beginning…..” God created hunger and called it ‘Eve’ ~ and then punished her severely for wanting to satisfy that hunger by ‘eating the fruit’ he’d forbidden (but only to Adam, mind you) and thereby also created “Fallen men” ~ and women.

    Even Satan has never pulled a dirty trick like that.
    …..nor would he ever think of anything as evil as punishing countless generations of otherwise innocent sons for the sins of their fathers. (nor of course daughters for the sins of their mothers.)

    In fact, Old Nick DOES offer ‘Free Will’.

    ( more evidence that he IS the ‘Other Face of God’, Mon?
    …and probably the kinder one.? )


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