Another uncomfortable truth


THE performance of evil by ordinary people is one of the most disturbing social phenomena. It is not confined to one state or one nation.
Jesus was pretty clear on the subject of violence. Loving your neighbours – and your enemies – is the centrepiece of his gospel.
But in the end, we all make up our own minds on the validity of that. Free will allows some people to take up arms and kill others seemingly without care.

George Buttrick, in his book Christ and History, said we could not be lifted from the human dilemma without our consent, for we have a certain freedom to cross a moral border from right to wrong.
To continue to trust in grace, love, kindness and generosity is difficult in a world gone mad.

What we need is faith that we can do more than survive. Ultimately, we are citizens of heaven and this apparent global madness will probably make sense when we finally escape the shadowlands.
This world is no paradise, but it is, for the moment, the only home we have. We should take better care of it.


6 thoughts on “Another uncomfortable truth

  1. We do?? “we have a certain freedom to cross a moral border from right to wrong.”
    Even if that were so (having established what ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are!) it still wouldn’t be addressing the problem. Nobody acts but from a ‘moral’ certainty that they’re ‘right’.
    Philosophical inventions are irrelevant.

    All the ‘problems’ listed can be tracked back, directly or indirectly, to a primary cause:-
    TOO MANY PEOPLE…… an uber-plague arising from the universally divine-edict: Go forth and breed like rabbits on viagra….
    ….”and fill the earth”.
    It doesn’t explain why ~ however the situation arose ~ god doesn’t fix it with a wave of his magic wand.
    There used to be an idea that you could teach your little kids to swim by chucking them in the pool. It didn’t suggest that you should let them drown if they didn’t start paddling, though.

    (….but there was the story of the bloke who chucked his wife in to rescue the kid. 🙂 )


    • Is not this evolution at work? So why complain about something that is just “natural”. Some that selects out the lesser people. Dabs maybe you could introduce forced steilisations. You might want to start on CHristians, Muslims next and continue until its only athiests and dog lovers left.


      • Hi Alexie.
        I’m not ignoring you; posted a long (rather nifty, I thiught) reply but it apparently didn’t arrive And didn’t save a copy, which it was supposed to do, of course. Several other posts also failed to make it.
        I’ve been having a lot of problems with this elderly system lately, and it’s probably time to get a new one, since Microsoft is no longer going to support the XP OS.

        Can’t get into the frame of mine to recompose it, as I’ve also been caught up in some rather serious problems myself, so will be flat out for a while.
        …..But the bottom line of the post was that if ALL human developments are ‘normal evolution’ at work (sounds reasonable), then our ability to produce and maintain life that wouldn’t be produced or maintained under a more ‘primitive’ stage of evolution (say up to 26% of newborns dying during labour, along with quite a few mothers, too; or 60% of kids dying before age 5), then we are obliged (‘morally’ if you like) to use those same skills (and technology) to ensure as ‘good’ an outcome for all concerned.

        Evolutionary processes know no pity or sympathy or compassion, but WE do.
        ….and so we could put man’s advent down to an evolutionary aberration; though even then the aberration we call ‘man’ must still take responsibility for outcomes.

        Otherwise the god we created has to carry the can.

        Take your pick.
        (the original was much better!)


    • Consider Bubba that those two people might be different aspects of one. If in Him we live and move and have our being, then we are subject to acting for him. What use is a body if its hands, feet, voice, etc. fail to do the brain’s bidding?


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