Psychic tricks and underdone mediums


THINK of a number between one and 10.

You chose seven, right? If not you probably chose six, or eight.

If I was correct, you may think I have some psychic power, but it is a simple matter of mathematics.

Science tells us there is a high probability that most people in a large group given this choice would first pick the number seven, then six and then eight.

A so-called psychic who once toured the world used the trick to impress his audiences. Naturally, he guessed their choices most of the time.

A journalist friend, Ash, reports today that he attended the Mind, Body and Soul Show in Melbourne on Saturday.

He said: “I had a ‘psychic reading’. To me, they are always no harm, plenty of fun.

” Terri, the psychic, told me that it would be a busy year ahead for my grandchildren.
There could be University for one of them, and perhaps a surprise pregnancy in the next 12 months for one of them … great-children for me, Terri predicted.

“I didn’t have the heart to tell Terri that our grand-kids are aged 4, 3 and 2.”

That story reminds me of the epic fail of so-called psychics re the royal birth in the UK recently. . On July 9th, 62% of the 50 psychics surveyed at Psychic Source, the most “respected” psychic service provider, predicted that the royal couple will be welcoming a female heir. They had a 50/50 chance of being right. But most got it wrong.

There have always been hoaxers, but lately there seem to be more in the pseudo-science area than ever before.


13 thoughts on “Psychic tricks and underdone mediums

  1. Hear hear, Bryan. I once had to go to a psychic’s stage show for work, and I took my mother along. While the rest of the audience got hoodwinked into thinking the “psychic” could guess what they were thinking, Mum didn’t, because she’s a psychologist with a PhD in psychiatry and she knew exactly what he was doing and how to outwit him—same premise as you started this piece with, basically.
    At another work function I had to attend, there was a person who would supposedly know my future by reading my cards. I know these people get their information by the reactions of their clients. So, they say, “I can see you’ve had a year of turbulence”, and the client will say, “Oh yes, I have”. Psychic: “It involves someone very close to you—I’m seeing an older woman”. Client—”You’re exactly right, my mother has been ill”. Psychic: “And this continues to worry you. I see change occurring this year…” Client: “Well, I am looking for a new job…”
    Instead of buying into that, I said nothing. So for each comment the card-reader made, hoping for feedback on which to build her case, I gave nothing away and sat with an inscrutable face. In the end, she made some excuse to get rid of me.


  2. Yeah but if people want to believe then they will believe . Forget the failures, remember the successes apply a little air-brushing……….


  3. Well… anyone less cynical than your august self would probably have realised that the psychic, in referring to “this year” was probably using standard ‘spiritual’ termininology
    ….. and using the same calendar as we’re assured god used in creating the heavens and the earth.
    Sauce for the gods is sauce for the ganders. 😉


  4. That’s true:- “There have always been hoaxers, but lately there seem to be more in the pseudo-science area than ever before.”

    … like all the godbotherers trying to prove the existence of god(s), for example.
    (as in ‘Intelligent Design’).

    But that said, there’s still no explanation for the undeniable, factual, success a clairvoyant wrought in my own experience a few months ago….even beyond the (reasonable) scope of ‘coincidence’.


    • Dabs, there are more things in Heaven and Earth…..

      Science has not yet discovered all the worikings of the brain. It could operate like a radio transmitter/receiver in the right conditions. In fact a scientific explanation for prayer might one day surpreise you. 😆


      • ….or even surprise me!
        But I know what you mean; I’ve been hearing far fewer voices in my head since I got an aluminium hat.


  5. In “The Cross—Billy Graham’s Message to America” video below, there’s a powerful testimony by Lacey Sturm:

    “My Mum always told me about God. I think I had an idea that God was big and good but as time went on I saw more and more tragic things happen around me. I think that was the beginning of me just questioning everything about life and about God.

    When I was 10 years old my stepdad came to me and said that my cousin Kelly was dead. I remember being so mad and really just deciding that if God was big and good why wouldn’t He protect my cousin who was so tiny and so awesome—such a funny, brilliant little guy—why wouldn’t God protect him from a huge muscle guy like his stepdad who beat him to death?”

    After that Lacey plunged into depression and stopped believing in God. She couldn’t get away from her depression, crying herself to sleep every night, so she started studying other religions.

    “There were a lot of nice ideas but there wasn’t any tangible healings and I remember thinking I’m tired of the pain in my heart. I’m tired of going to bed that way feeling like a burden. I’m tired of just not knowing why I’m alive and so I remember the night I lay in bed and I knew I was going to commit suicide the next day. I knew that I was not going to live past tomorrow.

    “On the day that I planned to commit suicide I came home from school and my Grandma was there and she wasn’t supposed to be there, and she looked at me and said there’s something wrong with you, you’re going to go to church! And I said there’s no way that I’m going to church and she screamed at the top of her lungs. Like we were fighting back and forth and I just didn’t want to listen to her yell anymore so I decided fine, I’ll go, and then afterwards I’ll go and follow through with my plan. So I went to the back of the church and slumped down in my chair, hating everybody in the room.

    “The Pastor started speaking and I hated him more than anyone, and he says, “There’s a suicidal spirit in the room!” And of course all the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I was thinking, boy, this is really weird. So I got up and went to the door.

    “A white-haired man was standing there and he stopped me and said, “The Lord wants me to speak to you. He wants you to know that even though you’ve never known an earthly father, that God will be a better Father to you than any earthly father can ever be. God knows the pain in your heart. He’s seen you cry yourself to sleep at nights.”

    Lacey says, “The idea was so overwhelming to me. He asked if he could pray for me so that Jesus can take the pain out of my heart. He put his hand on my shoulder and started to pray. It was as if the God of the Universe showed up right in front of me.

    “The first thing I noticed was that God was Holy and Good and the second thing I noticed is that I was so not holy and so not good.

    “I felt God invite me to an embrace of grace and unconditional love. It was like God was saying, I love you. I know you’re tired of the way you’ve been living and I will make you new if you’ll let Me. My heart just said yes, I need that, I want that, please , and that’s why I woke up the next day and felt such a peace and joy that I’d never felt before.

    “Jesus saved my life. That would never have happened if He hadn’t intervened and rescued me”


    • I brought this up because I just want to highlight the fact that the Pastor and the white-haired gentleman at the back of the church both ministered in the Holy Spirit’s gifting of “Word of Knowledge”.

      Now they truly tapped into the mind of God and brought out what was on His heart, which resulted in such a powerful display of God’s love and goodness resulting in Lacey’s complete turn around and profound healing.

      They minister in the TRUE (gift) unlike the many false Clairvoyants who play games with us.


      • I can relate with Lacey’s testimony so very much.

        Still in the Catholic Church at the time, I was invited to a Pentecostal Healing Service. I too was really depressed then, especially as my teenage daughter decided that she hated me. I know that this is not unusual, but it went on for years and it wore me down.

        The service was lovely and I truly felt the presence of the Lord there, unlike my experience in the Catholic Church, and afterwards many were touched by His presence and just sat or laid down on the floor basking in the peace that prevailed in the hall.

        As I sat there this lady came up to me, bent down and started whispering in my ear so that no-one else could hear what she was saying to me. Like Lacey, she started telling me my life’s story and I swear to God that it was spot on! No-one knew what I was going through because I kept it all to myself and in any case, they were all strangers, including the lady who was ministering to me. She just went on and on and it was like I had died and was having an audience with the Living God where my life was being flashed before me. In that instant all my doubts about a Loving God just evaporated. Just knowing that God saw and felt all my pain AND CARED enough to actually get one of His ministers to speak His words to me, was mind-blowing! I had never experienced anything like that (a meeting with the Living God) before. And never have I seen anything like it again.

        And as I sat there trying to process what had just happened, a teenager about the same age as mine was laying down on the floor across the room obviously being touched by God’s grace, and I noticed that she slowly crawled towards me from across the room. She never said a word to me but just laid her head in my lap. Well that was the last straw! I burst into healing tears as I stroked her hair, knowing full well that God was blessing me with another teenager who needed to be close to a mother figure at that time. It was like God was saying to me that it would eventually turn out okay with my daughter….and it did, thank you Jesus!

        The greatest miracle for me is that God has shown Himself to be real, to be loving and to really care about us, even to the extent of wanting to communicate with us through relationship. Knowing that I am loved and that I can find shelter under His wings, has changed my life.


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