Your money is not really yours

IN Kansas City, Rev. Will Bowen gave out $3000 to his congregation at a service because he was tired of hearing people complain about the economy.

Each adult received an envelope marked “Top Secret’’. Inside was a $10 bill and instructions:

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to change the consciousness of those about you who are feeling there is lack in our world.’’

Members were to give away the $10 and spread the word that, “There is limitless abundance in and around us at all times’’.

There were suggestions _ anonymously paying for someone’s meal in a fast-food shop, or for someone’s petrol in a service station, while leaving a message that there was abundance. Participants were asked to email the results of their giveaway to the church.

The money given away wasn’t much, but the results were astounding. Recipients of the unconditional gifts were fascinated by the concept that people would simply give away money, confident there was enough abundance from God.

One Christian reported seeing another woman and her granddaughter ahead of her in a queue at a grocery store. The little girl had a purse with small change and was going to buy lollies. Her grandmother was using food stamps and could not cover the cost of her very few groceries, so the little girl started to hand over her coins to help pay.

“The grandma was so upset,’’ the Christian said. “I pulled out my $10 and handed it to the women. She did not want to take it at first, but I insisted and told her that she was part of God’s abundant flow. Both she and the little girl had tears in their eyes.’’

“All money is God’s,’’ Bowen told his flock. “Lack and limitations are aberrations in an opulent universe. We live in an abundant universe.’’

It was a timely message.


8 thoughts on “Your money is not really yours

  1. “It was a timely message.”
    ….but quite incorrect.
    Money belongs to the issuing authority, which also determines its values.
    …and to a large extent what one can acquire with it.


  2. This is so heartwarming. It is so much better when people give personally and from the heart. It’s not just enriching the recipient but enriching your spirit.


  3. The government applied this in the recent queensland floods where one can go and claim up to $1000 for damages. The problem with this sort of indiscriminate giving is that it encourages parasites to claim money. Some low lifes who experienced no flooding got this money and spent it on playstations, whilst some disabled people who were genuine cases needing this money missed out.
    It is true that money is not really our own. It is also true that we are responsible how we use this. Especially since that $10 note could have gone in the pockets of the compulsive gambler, the druggie or the alcoholic. The Bible has a parable about the wise use of talents. Let’s remember that parable instead of grandstanding.


    • There is an assumption that union with God is attained by laboriously ascending a ladder of holy virtues. The reverse is actually true.

      The great saints and mystics accepted God’s love for them. They knew they were not perfect, and neither was anyone else. True saints did not get discouraged over their faults.


  4. we get programmed from childhood about the limits of money, but knowing this which im finally starting to see, makes life truly a gift and knowing that everything is in abundance. Love and also money.


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