No one is so wrong as the one who ‘knows’ all the answers

US President Teddy Roosevelt and the noted naturalist William Beebe would often take an evening stroll after dinner. Then one or the other would go through a customary ritual. He would look up at the stars saying, “That is the Spiral Galaxy of Andromeda. It is as large as our Milky Way. It is one of a hundred million galaxies. It is 750,000 light-years away. It consists of one hundred billion suns, each larger than our sun.”

Then silence followed. Finally, one of them would say, “Now I think we are small enough. Let’s go to bed.”

Asked his view of the meaning of life, author D. M. Thomas once wrote, “Life is just a two-dimensional cinema screen, hung amid blackness and nothingness, upon which a random and meaningless narrative is being enacted.” How sad!

We human beings are often more rationalising than rational. As Thomas Merton said: “No one is so wrong as the one who knows all the answers’’.

Faith is not about certainty. Its core is the mystery – and the reality – of the eternal coming into time. Its a matter of perspective.

F.B.Faber wrote a poem in which he spoke of the wideness in God’s mercy, the kindness in his justice, and love for his creation being “broader than the measures of a mans mind’’. Faber said we make God’s love too narrow by false limits of our own..

We can’t make everyone love us, but we can let ourselves be loved. We can learn that Gods will for us isn’t revealed as a blueprint we see all at once, but as a scroll that is unrolled gradually and lovingly.


One thought on “No one is so wrong as the one who ‘knows’ all the answers

  1. “No one is so wrong as the one who ‘knows’ all the answers”
    …except, of course, Big Brother: He Who Monitors All Your Electronic Communications.
    H E knows all the answers because YOU tell him everything due to your inability to resist addiction to gadgets…..It creates a far greater risk on any level than Eve’s mere inability to resist temptation. (except for that irascible, sociopathic control-freak, ‘god’ (the original Big Brother!) nobody would ever have known her business).
    Now EVERYbody knows your business and can dictate (by manipulation) what your next ‘order of business’ is.
    ….and even Jesus wouldn’t have stood a chance!
    Imagine how the Sermon on the Mount would’ve gone if the audience had all had their smartphones tucked into their robes….and even ONE went off every couple of minutes! 😯

    …….and pretty soon you won’t have to bother TELLING them your business: they’re coming to you! The neutral wire in your home’s circuitry can also serve as an antenna, and the wifi link(s) (Smart-meter) can transmit every sound you make ‘back to headquarters’; and from there gawd-knows-where.

    (Try not to talk in your sleep! Or, if you do, make sure you shout your wife’s name…and not your girlfriend’s…or boyfriend’s! 🙂 )

    ps. my computer’s security system yesterday intercepted invasion attempts by ‘Trojan Horses’; all FOUR attempts originated at Google Inc.
    Given ‘Google-Subscriptions’ ( read the fine-print!), ‘Cloud’, etc. it’s safe to say god, at least, doesn’t know all the answers,
    ….unless he’s hacking into the airwaves!


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