Why did these 50 Ministers Marry One Gay Couple?


RISKING the loss of their credentials, these 50 Methodist ministers in Pennsylvania came to show their support of same-sex marriage, an issue currently being hotly debated in the Methodist Church, as well as to show solidarity with an embattled colleague who has been personally affected.

Rev. Frank Schaefer will stand trial on Nov. 18 in front of the church because he officiated his son’s same-sex wedding, which is currently against church law.



12 thoughts on “Why did these 50 Ministers Marry One Gay Couple?

  1. I love the way that Liberal progressive Christians get themselves into a twist and contradicting themselves. On one hand Bryan honours Billy Graham by sharing with us his last sermon. On the other hand Bryan brings to us the 50 priests who marry a gay couple. So who is right? Billy Graham who believes that gay marriage is Biblically wrong? Or the 50 priests who have gone New Age? Who is right? And by what standard is one right and the other wrong? You can’t have it both ways (if you pardon the pun).


  2. “At Gatewood and Taylor’s wedding, the Methodist clergy members along with other clergy from other denomination filled the front of the church after vows were exchanged. Resting their hands on each other and the couple, they said in unison, “Those whom God has joined together, let no one put asunder,” according to Philly.com.”

    Hmmm? So….they say, “Thus says the Lord, I have blessed this gay couple’s union”. In other words, God says that same sex marriage is kosher. Hmmm? 😯


    • “God says that same sex marriage is kosher. Hmmm?”

      Yep according to 50 + priests, And I doubt these are the only priests around the world to ever officiate a same sex marriage, or the only Chrisitans ever to consider same sex marriage is ok


    • er…. Haven’t you got your religions mixed up Mon? 🙂
      …..or have the methodists gotten themselves mixed up in jewish….er ‘affairs’ too?


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