Disciple’s ‘bones’ to go on display for the first time

The Vatican has announced it will display for the first time bones believed to be the mortal remains of St. Peter, the leader of Jesus’ 12 apostles, to mark the end of the Year of Faith, Nov. 24.

The church never officially declared the bones — which were discovered in the 1940s — authentic. But a series of exhaustive tests conducted on the bones between their discovery and 1968 convinced Pope Paul VI they had been “identified in a way we can hold to be convincing.”

Previously, only the box containing the bones was on display


8 thoughts on “Disciple’s ‘bones’ to go on display for the first time

  1. Am I the only one wondering whether (“they had been “identified in a way we can hold to be convincing.”) they’re relying on scientific evidence or on advice from The Boss? 😉


    • Dabbles,
      There was the old one about the preacher who was proclaiming that for the unsaved at the resurrection, there will be ‘weeping and wailing, and gnashing of teeth’. One old geezer in the congregation stood up to demand of him,-“What about me. I’ve lost all my teeth!’. The preacher reassured him “Dont worry, my friend, teeth will be provided!’



      • ‘teef’!, Rian. ‘teef’!
        That was (allegedly) at a fire-and-brimstone rally by Reverend Ian Paisley.
        (I understand he was Fred Nile’s mother.) 😉


  2. btw. If we’re resurrected in our pysical bodies, can anyone explain how Pete’s getting around without his headbone ~ which should be connected to his neck-bone…..,etc.?
    (I thought Mon might know, since there’s nothing boney about her, either. 🙂 )


  3. On the other hand, it IS possible to live a useful life without bones.
    Perhaps this clip is of Peter doing his door-to-door evangelising these days.

    (The other one could be John ~ anglican y’know ~ trying to beat him to the best prospects for conversion.)


  4. Nowhere in the bible is there to suggest that Peter was given pre-eminence above the rest of the apostles. During the Last Supper, they were arguing amongst themselves who should be the greatest. During the decades after the crucifixion, it was James who was the leader of the fledgling Christian Church with headquarters at Jerusalem. Even Paul the apostle had a quarrel with Peter about discriminating between Jew and Gentile. And this happened whilst Paul held the view that one should not be disrespectful of the leader of God’s people.

    The Catholic church is now showing its true colours, namely its pagan origin. Study your Bibles people, and you won’t be taken in by this sort of nonsense.


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