There’s got to be more to life

SOMEONE once worked out that the average person, on reaching 70, would have spent 23 years sleeping, 14 years working, eight years watching TV, eight years finding other amusements, six years eating, one year reading and four years in cars, buses, trains and trams.

There has to be more to it. What we make of our lives is up to us. God has given us all the tools and resources we need.

Thomas Watson, founder of IBM, didn’t think life was all that complicated.

He wrote a life balance sheet listing love of money, reactionary ideas, lack of love for others under the heading liabilities.

Under assets he listed unselfish love, good manners and valuing real friends.

We could pray for easier lives, but that’s not likely to happen. It’s probably better to pray that we become stronger people, with the ability to be gentle with ourselves and others.

As the Indian literary genius Rabindranath Tagore said: “Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf.”


3 thoughts on “There’s got to be more to life

  1. ? “There’s got to be more to life.”
    Why? If you want more you aren’t doing enough with the life you’ve got.
    For myself, I wallow and revel in the one I’ve got. The plan is that ~ a moment before I drop into the abyss ~ I’ll be so worn out and tired that I won’t give a stuff. 🙂

    Raise your glasses, boys and girls!


  2. Bryan your statistics are wrong. You can sleep on train, cars, buses, etc. Same with eating, etc. So there is a double up somewhere.


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