The white hats will win

I THINK it’s not the believers and trusters in God who are disconnected from the reality of the way things are.
Can atheists understand the universe? We like to think of the universe as simple and comprehensible, but the universe is under no obligation to live up to our expectations.
Scientists seem to generally believe human evolution has built a tendency towards moral behaviour into our brains.
We are moral by nature, so evil is a deviation—perhaps a chemical imbalance.
Yet the major religions claim the potential to do evil—is something inbuilt in us.
Countless wars and persecutions show people are capable of incredible cruelty to those outside their own tribes.
But can we say that some people are born bad? Or are ordinary people driven to commit extraordinary and horrifying acts of genocide and murder by an outside force?
Since the terrorist attacks around the globe, more people seem to believe evil might be more than a social construct or social ideology. It might be something real.
And within personal choice may be our capacity for good or evil.
Edmund Burke said the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was for good men to do nothing.
Creation is a work in progress. Evil is not going to have the last word. God has us as God’s collaborators, fellow-workers, and ultimately those who strive for good will prevail.


12 thoughts on “The white hats will win

  1. To understand the Universe one have to know oneself first. Then we will know the purpose for the Universe, purpose for so called evil and so called good.. By that time we no longer will differentiate between good and evil.
    Ignorance is the root of misunderstanding of god and the creation. Religion offers no guarantee to complete understanding. It only offers the start to it.


  2. Arrant nonsense! –> “Scientists seem to generally believe human evolution has built a tendency towards moral behaviour into our brains.
    We are moral by nature, so evil is a deviation—”

    Science ~ and nature ~ does NOT deal in morality and/or evil. They don’t exist except in the fervid minds of very-recent (in the scheme of things) earthlings; and not even in all of them.
    ….oh: and ‘Creation’ isn’t a ‘work-in-progress’ at all.
    According to the Absolute, Infallible and Inviolable Word of God (Genesis) the creation was completed six days after it was begun. (or is the bible in error?? 😯 )
    And, in a ‘universal’ context, it doesn’t exist, according to the evidence.

    I see that the remains have been discovered of an ancestor of T-Rex ( ),
    ….but 15 MILLION years older.

    Which, given the inerrant WOG, means it roamed the planet some 90,000,000 years BEFORE the ‘Creation’.

    Looking at the picture of it, I’m moved to suspect that it also belonged to one of the earlier evangelical groups I’ve come across.


    • WOG never gives us dates beyond the existence of homer sapens (little bit of southern slang for you Aussies). Therefore, applying Relativity and the Expansion Constant associated with the Big Bang, we know in the beginning that the speed of light and time was exponentially faster than today, some 16 billion years later. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

      But what you probably didn’t know (or bother with the math), is once this is applied to the “six days” of creation, you get about 8 billion years for day one, 4 billion for day 2, 2 billion for day 3, and so on, such that the resulting “completion” date brings us up to within the past 25,000 years or so, give or take a few millenia.

      Hopefully you knew this already and were only pretending to be dumb. 🙂


      • I stand corrected. Who’d’a thought the ‘time’ between the “morning” and the “evening” of the same day could contain 8 “billion years”?….(years?? when were THEY created?? No mention of them in the WOG until….er, ‘years’ later.. Have you been indulging in the favoured religious pastime of making things up as you go?
        And/or assuming the god of all the universes doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about?

        In any case, apart from the other erroneous assumptions upon which you base your waffle you obviously can’t read/comprehend very well either, since on other -ample – internal biblical reference the Creation is only about 6000 earthly orbits of the Sun in the past. (see: Ussher/Lightfoot, [et al]:- “Bishop Ussher dates the creation of the world at 4004 BC. Sir James Lightfoot improves that calculation to 9 AM Oct 3, 4004 BC……)

        Unless, of course, you’re further assuming that succeeding generations of jews were breeding at a rate several times the velocity of light.*

        Being god’s Chosen People I suppose such a suggestion may be seen as feasible……And would account for a few other issues as well! 😉
        Perhaps that’s why god in his wisdom culls them so often and voluminously, d’you think?

        *you seem confused about the reality that ‘time’ per se doesn’t exist as an entity outside the framework of convenient human inventions. ‘Velocity’ is the more (or less) correct term, and is defined as “a vector giving the rate of change of position”

        That’s always prompted me to wonder how big a dinosaur’s wrist-watch was,
        …and how in the hell they managed to wind them up.


      • ps…… “WOG never gives us dates beyond the existence of homer sapens ”
        Sure it does. The existence of Homer Simpsons has been established by the WOG as being almost a week after (and I quote):- “In the Beginning”.


  3. We are born to support our closest group, to distrust strangers. The world will not be at peace untill we can regard all its inhabitants as neighbours.

    Even then, some people have inherited genes which cause them to distrust others, to look on them as enemy. It takes generations to breed this out. I think in woves or foxes, not sure, about nine generations to domesticate them?

    But yes, some people are born this way, but they might be on the verge of domestication/redemption. Give them a go. 🙂


    • Problem is, Strewth, that if those essential and earliest instincts are removed/suppressed (they cannot be bred out, since what we are is the sum of what we were) then we’d no longer be human beings ~ and it’d all be irrelevant anyway.

      Better to recognise what we are and deal with it.
      From my email today (in a picturesque scroll which I can’t post here):-
      “I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs. But I totally trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.”

      Horses for courses, eh?

      ps…And anyway, trust me: you wouldn’t want the whole world to have neighbours like the rrrsole living next door to me! 😉


      • They can be bred out, Dabs. Genes are not as unchangable as once thought. People raised in times of famine introduce into their heredity genes to cope with famine, up to three generations. More famine serves to prolong the ability.

        Genes introduced by trauma can also become self perperuating, as the individual who inherits the ‘faulty’ gene will srely bring trauma upon himself, and reinforce the trend. It can only be broken with up to three generations of shown kindness and firmness, demonstrated trusrworthiness.

        We have work ahead of us with traumatised asylum seekers.


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