People Post Their ‘Horrible’ First-World Problems on Twitter


TWEETS from people struggling with the difficulties and stresses of first-world life.


8 thoughts on “People Post Their ‘Horrible’ First-World Problems on Twitter

    • Hi Dom,
      Your comments on how soft we are getting reminds me of my dear old Dad. I well recall him saying to me “My boy, when I was your age, I thought nothing of a five mile walk before breakfast!” And I answered, “Sure Dad, I don’t think much of it either.”
      Then it was his normal routine to walk all round the lake five times a week. But as he got into his 80s, he’d only go half way round and then come back again.

      (Sorry, – very very old Music Hall jokes there! Couldnt resist.)


  1. I notice each generation gets softer than the previous. My grandfather lost his twin through hunger in the first world war and fought in the second world war. At 60 he was still working walking 5 km each day climbing 700 metres just to start a day of hard work. He would bring back a sleigh full of hay at the end of the day. All cut manually.

    My father once asked him why do you each the worst fruit first, eat the good fruit. He said I eat the worst fruit because the best fruit will last longer. We finally convinced him to go to buy some shoes. The shoes he had had so many makeshift repairs on it they were falling apart. They dragged him to a shoe shop. While I was waiting for them to buy him some shoes I bought some expensive climbing boots. He looked at them and said, “ok we spent enough here lets go”.

    My father had to leave school and work when he was 12 and he worked hard with grandfather collecting hay, then later as a concreter.

    I usually went to work with my father during the school holidays, I wish I died as a child. I tried the walk, my grandfather did just to go to work, when I was 35 years old. I was sweating like a … well a lot. There was no way I could do a days work.

    Now I have an office job.Thank God I don’t complain about the trivial stuff these people complain about.

    What are my kids going to be like. Maybe they have their own robots that will go to work for them ?


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