Why the terrorists do it

IT’S interesting that recent studies have found that terrorist leaders are generally middle-class and well educated. Commonly, the terrorist leaders who perpetrate the atrocities are not poor men. But that can not be said for many of their brainwashed followers.

Terrorists generally don’t want to create a new world. They merely wanted to destroy the present one, which they believe give them no justice.
They probably had been taught since childhood to hate.
Sociologists are saying military action or revenge tactics will not win the war against terrorism.
Only long-term economic development of poor nations, education and a prayerful commitment to justice for all will destroy it.
History shows that a significant number of economically privileged Westerners, showing a colossal lack of respect for universal justice, have turned a blind eye to exploitation of the so-called weaker peoples.
The Spanish conquistadors, who travelled with their missionaries, adopted the theory that the native South Americans they enslaved and slaughtered did not have souls.
Aristotle said black-skinned people were “natural slaves’’ and St Augustine described Jews as “lustful’’.
The Nazis slaughtered countless Jews, homosexuals and gypsies using the justification that these groups were against the “natural order’’.
Half the people in the world today live on $2 a day—or less. The richest man in the world, is worth about $128 billion. Such disparity understandably causes profound jealousy and anger.
Richer nations have too often played political games with poorer nations, with tragic consequences.


2 thoughts on “Why the terrorists do it

  1. Terrorists perhaps do it because they wont to keep the current state and not the coming progress. They also in lot of cases are motivated by religious believes. Rewards after they die in bomb suicide for instance. Or kill as many opposing to their religion. All of it comes down to ignorance. If they understood who they are, who the opponents are, who is god, they would never commit such act.


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