Beauty guru blasts ‘unpretty’ women


OSMEL Sousa (above), head of the Miss Venezuela pageant, has told The New York Times: “I say that inner beauty doesn’t exist. That’s something that unpretty women invented to justify themselves.”

Yep, he really said that.

But of course, Venezuela is renowned as the capital of plastic surgery…and “beauty” competitions. In the past three decades Venezuela has won more beauty titles than any other country – six Miss Universes, five Miss Worlds and six Miss Internationals.

Beauty competitions have become a national pastime – almost an obsession – in a country that buys more cosmetic products than any other.

Venezuela’s longtime leader, Hugo Chávez, who died in March after 14 years in office, railed against the plastic surgery procedures, saying it was “monstrous” that poor women were spending money on breast surgeries when they had trouble making ends meet.

But plastic surgery in the nation has boomed in a nation that has also experienced deep economic downturns.

The beauty queens’ fame helped fuel a fascination with cosmetic surgery and procedures like breast implants, tummy tucks, nose jobs and injections to firm the buttocks.

Osmel Sousa takes credit for the trend. He recommended a nose job for Venezuela’s first Miss Universe, which he says made her victory possible more than three decades ago.


15 thoughts on “Beauty guru blasts ‘unpretty’ women

    • I used to hear that if you have a picture of a mutt in your wallet, it is time to stop drinking when that picture starts looking like Elle McPherson!


  1. He may debate the existence of inner beauty (I know it’s the only beauty…) but he is demonstrating a good case for inner ugliness (I don’t believe in that either…).


  2. Bottom line:- Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder it can be found where-ever the beholder beholds.
    ….Another case of people pontificating about something undefined.


  3. Here is another example of the spiritually bereft.

    Another person who puts faith in what he can see with his eyes and not his heart.


    • No wonder so many women disfigure themselves with plastic surgery etc. etc. They believe this man. They believe their only worth is in what they look like.

      They ignore God’s plea to believe Him when He says that they are worth so much more than that and that they will never truly be whole, happy and at peace until they come to realise it.


  4. There’s something amiss in these people’s lives.

    I remember this lady who used to constantly drag her husband to auctions to buy beautiful furniture and items for her house. Constantly changed her hair and spent thousands of dollars on clothes (they lived in a commission house – not sure how they managed it). I wasn’t surprised to learn after her passing, that she had had a rough upbringing. Abuse and neglect.

    She was trying to create ‘a beautiful world’ in the physical sense but never really managed to heal her personal spiritual/emotional world.


    • They are so gorgeous.

      I used to live near a hostel that housed a whole bunch of disabled and Down Syndrome adults when I was in my early 20’s, and a handful of them would catch the same bus as I did each day. Well they took a liking to me and would drag me down the back of the bus and would fight with each other over who would sit with me and they’d smother me with kisses and cuddles.

      I never used to like cuddles, and especially from strangers, but they just disarmed me and melted my heart with their child-like acceptance and genuine love. I just know that God put them in my path; He sent them to me, His little angels, to heal me. They are such a blessing.


  5. looks are the first thing that strike you. It is a known fact that better looking people (men and women) find better job opportunities. It is also proven that the same music sounds better or worse depending on what you not only sense with your ears but also eyes. There’s no denying the approval that beauty receives in everyday life too. Men and women who want to look better than they are perfectly justified in doing so. Beauty works !


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