Monkeys, us and the loss of genuine conversation

WE human beings think that through social networks, we’ve somehow become more social creatures.

The problem with this theory is, the more we “connect” online, the less actual human interactions we have, making us actually fairly unsocial.

Here’s a short and watchable theory on how and why.


5 thoughts on “Monkeys, us and the loss of genuine conversation

  1. Maybe. Or it could be the opposite. Teaching people, who would normally not be sociable anyway, to actually open up.

    I often wonder if how you perceive people online translates into real life – if you met them. I remember reading about people who had been Pen Pals in the old days, for years upon years and then finally meeting up and discovering that they probably knew eachother better than anyone else – as they were unafraid to be their true selves via anonymous letter.


  2. The only thing I agree with above is that being here gives me time to bite my tongue and rephrase my thoughts differently, which I think is deceptive because sometimes I wish I could just say what I really want to say, like I would if we were speaking face to face. But in every other way, blogging has brought me out of my shell and given me so much more confidence, so that I now relish the opportunity to mix with people without any fear or feelings of inferiority anymore.

    It has been……and continues to be, a real positive experience. Thank you Bryan.


    • I agree Monica. I think it has had the same effect on me. I used to be pathetically shy, the type that used to stress if you looked at me for too long or who dreaded having to introduce myself. In person, I’m very quiet – not a chatterer but an observer. Talking on the internet has helped (plus age and being preoccupied with more important things in life)


  3. This theory seems valid to me if social media means Facebook and the like, but not if it’s about interaction on forums and blogs. I have come to know people really well, that I’ve met this way. It takes time, just as in real life. After meeting some of these people, I still feel the same relarionship.

    I think perhaps many on line friendships are only aquaintanceships, the growing time is lacking.


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