Avoid the Muslim stereotypes

ACTS of violence have been committed in the name of Islam. But awful misdeeds have also been committed in the names of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, socialism and humanism.
Neither should we forget that many Muslims suffer under religious extremism in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
Islam, half a dozen centuries younger than Christianity, is the second-biggest religious group with more than 1.6 billion members worldwide—about 23 percent of the global population—according to United Nations statistics.
Though Islam was “revealed’’ to Mohammed in Arabia, it is no longer exclusively an Arabic or Middle Eastern faith. There are, for example, more Muslims in Indonesia than in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia combined.
It is a culture rapidly expanding into Western countries. Muslims from every corner of the earth are moving into our neighbourhoods. And more are coming.
There is, therefore, a desperate need to take the time to understand Islam and not buy into the stereotypes


7 thoughts on “Avoid the Muslim stereotypes

  1. Finally got through to you, did I?? —>
    “ACTS of violence have been committed in the name of Islam. But awful misdeeds have also been committed in the names of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, socialism and humanism.”

    “Where god goes, murder and misery follow in his footsteps.”
    Killing people is why the gods were invented in the first place.


    • Atheism and their regimes have killed hundreds of millions along with torture and brainwashing. Currently North Korea is doing a fine job.


      • ….and your god, Alexie, has killed BILLIONS! (We won’t even mention the “torture and brainwashing” he’s inflicted ~ more often than not on his favourite people, including his sons.)
        …and promises to continue the slaughter relentlessly, deliberately ~ and with malice aforethought.

        Those who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.

        …….um, ever thought about becoming an astronaut? 😉


  2. I would love to know what is so appealing to the followers of Islam. Many westerns have joined Islam. I have no judgement on that religion, obviously needed here and now, otherwise it would not be here. But why? What is it in our human nature that requires this particular religion? If you have an answer, please do answer my question. It is more than just curiosity.


    • It appears that your question is directed at the religious Muslim Paul,

      but I am in the process of reading a book titled, “Why Christian Women Convert to Islam” a best seller in the UK by Rosemary Sookhdeo.

      The author says, “that at a major Christian conference recently of about 300 people from different parts of Britain, when the audience was asked for a hand count of those who knew someone who had converted to Islam, fifty percent put their hands up. When asked the same question at other meetings, at least thirty percent put their hands up. Figures have been circulated that 30,000 western people over the last ten years have converted to Islam, the majority of these being women. So what is the attraction of Islam?

      One attraction of Islam is the emphasis on community and family. The close-knit ties and bonds offer an attractive alternative to the individualism of western societies. The downside though is that close communities can be oppressive and deny individual freedom. Muslim families and communities dictate behaviour and function.

      Some women convert to Islam because they are not aware of the differences between Islam and Christianity. They believe that Allah and God are the same and therefore both ways lead to the same goal. But the important question is not whether Muslims and Christians believe in the same God, but what they believe about God’s character.

      One attraction of Islam is that the practices and beliefs of the religion are set out simply and are very easy to understand. Islam is not a complex religion. It is in fact a set of rules. It tells you how to pray, when to pray, how to fast, when to fast, what to believe, how much money to give and so on. It is all laid out clearly. Some people are attracted by this simplicity of belief, with everything set out and organised for them. Its creed is very simple – “There is no god but God and Muhammad is his messenger”.”

      Did you know that in the Qur’an it says that in hellfire there are mostly women?


  3. Islam is here to stay and there are simliarities in regards to some OT background and soem values. It may be ironic that with the push of more humanstic faith in the west that this is being pushed back by the increase of Islam.


  4. Muslims honour Jesus as a prophet, they follow his teachings without believing him to be God the Son. We could do well to look for similarities rather than differences, I think.

    All faiths start off idealistically, but it doesn’t take long for corruption to set in, in all of them.


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