The elephant and the dog – worth watching

A beautiful tale worth watching!!


9 thoughts on “The elephant and the dog – worth watching

    • Why not, Mon?…” I’m not saying it’s the same as human love,” ?
      If it’s not, then shouldn’t it be called by some other name?

      Actually, when I find the right words to explain my coagulating hypothesis on WHAT ‘love’ is you might see that there’s no difference at all.

      ps. Still need a just-right home for a delightful little full-of-beans Aussie-terrier (sans matted shaggy coat) that’d fit in anywhere. Know any doting grandmas? 😉


      • Actually I do!

        Know of such a person. She just lost her beloved dog and companion to cancer and is totally bereft. I’ll make enquiries for you.


      • ? The coincidence I mentioned (not that there’s any such thing as coincidence, of course) is that it’s a different effelink and dog ~ but with the same name: ‘Bella’.

        But it seems I did somehow stuff up the link for Monica. (Computer doing weird things lately…..Don’t suppose it’s got god?? ~ there’s a New, Better and More Inspired Church just opened locally.)

        The link for Mon was a newslatter from the RSPCA:-

        ,,,,,,,Unfortunately on the same day they (Animals Australia) unearthed yet another atrocious puppy-farm up at Pyramid Hill: 150+ dogs crammed in wire crates in stinking-hot iron sheds without daylight.,


      • Oh, that’s wonderful Dabs.

        Thanks for that. I have the utmost love and respect for the selfless work you guys and gals do to alleviate the suffering of animals. I just wish more could be done, especially in bringing the perpetrators of such suffering to justice.


  1. ….and one of these days I’ll try to get a decent photo of BillyBob (all 3.5 kg of him) mixing it with Critter (70kg of Dobie/Dane cross).


  2. There is no excuse. Very touching video. Thank you for sharing.

    “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24)


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