29.8 million people in slavery today

Think you’re having a bad day? Globally, 29.8 million people live in slavery. Right now.

The countries with the highest numbers of enslaved people are India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Taken together, these countries account for 76% of the total estimate of 29.8 million in modern slavery

Australia ranks 138th on the slavery list…but New Zealand fares better at 159th. In Australia in 2012, 16 victims of modern slavery were officially identified: 11 victims of commercial sexual exploitation and six victims of forced labour.



8 thoughts on “29.8 million people in slavery today

  1. I am a volunteer with the WellHouse, here in Birmingham, AL , USA. It is a transition home for women coming out human trafficking. I have had issues with the buying and selling of human beings for several years.


  2. Surely modern slavery is worse than in times past, when slaves were treated like farm animals, that is cared for in order to get the best out of them. Or treated sometimes with respect for their individuality, even sometimes as an extension of the family.

    There was ill treatment too, but it seems to me that is more prevalent now. Use them up and discard them.


    • Another aspect of unbridled breeding….in tune with the principles of the ‘New World Order’s’ consumer societies.
      ….Use it up and chuck it away.
      Praise the Ford!! (see Brave New World)

      Imagine how much worse it’d all be if it wasn’t Intelligently Designed!


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