Man who believes he is really a dog


THIS is strange, but apparently true.
Gary Matthews, 47, from Pittsburgh, has believed he is a dog since childhood. Now he lives like one.

He sleeps in a doghouse, eats dog food from a bowl on the floor and barks at passersby and other dogs

Whenever he gets the chance the chance — usually when he’s home with family and friends — he puts on a shaggy dog costume and becomes his alter ego – Boomer.

In 2010, he attracted international attention when he attempted to change his name to “Boomer The Dog,” only to have the judge reject the request.

National Geographic, which did a story on Matthews, explains there are other people like Boomer living as furries, a subculture that was first recognized in the United States in the 1980s.

Furries celebrate anthropomorphic animals with human characteristics including high intelligence, the ability to speak and walk on two legs, among others.


7 thoughts on “Man who believes he is really a dog

  1. Fascinating (not really — but it is unusual)
    I searched and there is a report of a boy that acts like a dog
    Otherwise, there is this guy (maybe the same as your report)

    and there are more that even go to annual conventions
    psycho dog man:


  2. hmmm “Man who believes he is really a dog”.

    …can’t fault his ambition; most of the rest of us are content to be lazy, cynical, unenthusiastic (especially about little things, like a stick, say), disloyal, unethical, pretentious, often cowardly and greedy ~ to name but a few.


  3. I like being a Dog, it’s the best, and it’s been my personality for a long time, trying to use the best of what Dogs and Humans are about, bring them together. Thanks for the links, and it was good to read the one with the kid acting like a Dog, though it doesn’t seem to be really strange at 6.

    I did puppy behavior, not that early that I can recall, but I was doing it in junior high, and kept on doing it. I would have rather been a Dog and was trying to will it to happen I guess. Now that I have my Dog suit I can let loose with being a Dog even more!


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