Former priest marries Jewish partner


RETIRED Catholic priest the Rev. Tom Pivinski and his partner of over 20 years, Malcolm Navias, celebrated an interfaith wedding on Monday at their home in Asbury Park, New Jersey. They wed on the very first day that same-sex marriage was allowed to happen in New Jersey after Governor Chris Christie dropped his appeal to overturn legalization.

Pivinski had already officiated three marriages in the wee hours of Monday morning, as couples didn’t want to hesitate a minute more than they had already been waiting to finally become husband and husband or wife and wife.

He told the Ashbury Park Press (APP), “I think it’s wonderful. I am just very grateful that the state has recognized the equality of all people.”

In the evening, he went home to join hands with Davias in a Jewish wedding ceremony officiated by Rabbi Kraus, who blessed them as they stood wrapped in a Tallis, a prayer shawl.

Afterwards, they smashed a glass as guests wished them “Congratulations!” and “Mazel tov!”

Pivinski posted a reflection on Facebook afterwards called “The Shattered Glass,” which he shared with The Huffington Post via email.

Our shuttered lives were set free by the shattered wedding glass whose pieces can never be reassembled. Following our Hebrew vows of consecration to each other and re-giving 20 year old worn rings that have bound us together from the start, we shattered a glass that began a new life reverberating with the shouts of Mazeltov. The shutters of silence flew open to let in a sunlight like we have never known before. I imagine it must have been the same when my parents, Sophie and Stanley, and Malcolm’s parents, Bessie and Alex said to each other on different continents so long ago, ” I love you and want to stay by your side for all our days.” How joyful must they be this day as their sons followed in their footsteps believing that no thing and no one can keep the light of love shuttered.


4 thoughts on “Former priest marries Jewish partner

  1. I think it’s wonderful that people are drawn to Pope Francis, but I sometimes wonder if they are misinterpreting him or hearing what they want to hear rather than what he is really trying to say. His message is still the same as another other previous Catholic Pope, he is just coming at it from a different angle.

    Though this link below is more hard hitting than people would expect, I’m sure.


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