Belief is not faith

Belief, by definition, is an accepted opinion; the mental act, condition or habit of placing trust in another, or in an idea.
Faith is something else. Magical and mystical, it does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.
It is sometimes the assertion of possibility over all probabilities; the evidence of things unseen.
“What is faith for unless it is to believe what you do not see,” asked Augustine of Hippo.
It is an instinctive, natural faith that sustains a family witnessing the dying and death of a child. Faith that brings someone back from the brink of physical, moral or spiritual death.
It is faith that enables even the battered and beaten on the greyest days to see life as a love story.
Unfortunately, it is also faith that convinced the Nazis they were right in exterminating Jews.
That is clearly misguided or negative faith.
Positive faith is, according to writer William Temple, “something nobler in its own kind than certainty”.
Faith in God is a mysterious assurance, but it doesn’t mean not having doubts. You have to keep taking risks with faith.
Faith sometimes gets harder as you get older, I find. But I believe it is as necessary to me as breathing. I have to practise it to live.


13 thoughts on “Belief is not faith

  1. I like what you written about faith here. As the Bible said : “NOW FAITH is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].” (hebrew 11:1 amplified bible)
    I like your blog and your topic you written.
    By the way, thank you for liking my post “to the higher ground”. I really appreciate it. God bless you and everything you do 🙂 Ow, i will becoming your follower now 😉


  2. “Unfortunately, it is also faith that convinced the Nazis they were right in exterminating Jews.
    That is clearly misguided or negative faith.”

    …on what basis??


    • Exactly Dabbles. As an anarchist your belief and faith is based on no absolute truths or ethics. So Nazis’ belief in the extermination of Jews is the fruit of your belief and faith.


  3. ps. You do realise, don’t you, that:- “Faith is something else. Magical and mystical, it does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.” is also the basic definition of psychosis?


    • Not Biblical faith. In the beginning this is based on Faith (because we don’t know all the facts). Next comes virtue. And after virtue, we are supposed to add Knowledge. So faith only serves until we have knowledge. But because we are constantly in a state of learning new things, our aquisition of knowledge is partial. There will always be a need of faith. The foolish thing a Christian can do is rest merely on faith, without attempting to gain the knowledge that that faith is based upon.


  4. Faith does seem harder to embrace as we get older, I wholeheartedly agree — I spent the weekend engulfed in anxiety knowing my 36th birthday was looming and yet, I remain single and childless. My only remedy: constant prayer.
    Prayer makes taking risks in faith possible. “We must go to God as His child because only a child gets his prayers answered; a “wise” man does not.” — Oswald Chambers
    Thank you for the opportunity to share.


    • “Constant prayer” is probably the very reason you ARE single and childless,

      Get out there and get yourself a horny boyfriend! 😉

      Unless your name’s Mary looking to god is a waste of time!

      Mind you, he’s a pretty miserable lover anyway: Mary didn’t even know he’d ‘been there done that’ until a passing angel spilled the beans!
      (…and keep in mind that he’s a pretty miserable dad too; Look what he did to his other two boys….)


    • My thought, Spirituallyled, you may end up with the sort of partner who would bring you heartbreak, the sort of child that would bring you heartbreak.

      If there is some way you yourself, not God, can solve your problem, remember God helps those who help themselves.
      Otherwise, pray to accept the things you cannot change.


      • He does! He does!..Indeed he does.—>
        ” God helps those who help themselves.”
        ….but christ help you if you get caught at it!, as the old wisdom warns.


    • I apologise to you spirituallyled,

      I felt to give you this three days ago when I first read your wonderful post, but sadly, I lacked the courage to. But now as I glance at your words again, I am being convicted to reply.

      Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself also in the LORD: and he shall give you the desires of your heart.

      Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for giving me desires and the blessing of their fulfillment in Your time. Help me discern between my longings and Your voice. I ask for the grace to surrender all my dreams to You. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

      And again just now:

      Have faith in God
      Let your hope rest on the faith
      He has placed in your heart
      Never give up, never let go of the faith
      He has placed in your heart

      God bless


      • Sorry, Mon: this reminds me of MacBeth’s witches.
        ….”Double, double toil and trouble;
        Fire burn, and caldron bubble.”

        Even BillyBob knows how to make puppies: (actually, he’s something of an expert. Want a copy of his latest book? 🙂 )

        First, get out of ,over,through,under the restraining fences or barriers…….
        (Sometimes I suspect he’s cathlick!)


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