Let your mind wander


A 2012 psychological study found that daydreaming — passive though it may seem — actually involves a very active brain state, which is why the wandering mind can sometimes stumble upon brilliant insights and sudden connections. The researchers credit this phenomenon to the fact that daydreaming correlates with our ability to recall information in the face of distractions. Recent neuroscience research has also found that daydreaming involves the same brain processes involved in imagination and creativity.

“I worry about people who spend all their empty time when they’re not in conversations listening to music or podcasts or things like that, and not leaving any space to just daydream,” says one researcher.


3 thoughts on “Let your mind wander

  1. On the otherhand I’m starting to worry about my mind always making stories and all.. Everytime I realize my mind is somewhere else again I gasp for air and thank God I realize I’m daydreaming again. Although I recognize this is a very good provider of creativity, I don’t see this as healthy because my mind do this almost all the time (honestly) and I really feel it requires the brain to work really hard and process non existing images, and sounds. A vivid example when I’m driving I always challenge myself to just focus on the moment, see the movements of cars and people on the side of the road, read thier movements properly if they are planning to cross or not. And so far I think I could only do it for 30seconds. See maybe at this moments, my body says I’ve been driving a million times why should I bother myself thinking about this, and just give the job to my reflexes and go picture beautiful or horrific scenarious. “Too much of everything is never a good thing” and I think thats why its getting bad for me cause I’m on the too much side.. It’s just so peaceful to focus. I’d prefer it than all this dreams.. Thanks for this bryan..


    • “Whilst driving” Nersoangelo?

      LOL, wait till you start having supernatural visions whilst driving—-now that is a very interesting phenomena and experience. It is amazing how God grants you to be aware of the spirit realm without interrupting your concentration of the natural world. You are literally in two places at once. And thank God I’ve never had an accident. I mean, how on earth would I explain that to the police? 😯


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