Would Jesus make the TV news?

LEGENDARY American broadcaster Edward R. Murrow said if TV networks were offered screening rights to the Second Coming of Christ for an hour, “there would be a considerable number of stations which would decline to carry it on the grounds that a western or a quiz show
would be more profitable”.

An Irish Catholic priest, Shay Cullen, caused a minor stir when he said that if Jesus were on Earth today he would not take up residence in the Vatican. Father Cullen said Jesus would be “still out on the dusty roads and down in the markets and on the radio and the TV, trying to get his message out”.

If Jesus walked the earth today, chances are that not too many churches would accept him easily. He would again seek out those frustrated with religious systems. He would make the blind see, heal the lame and raise people from the dead while preaching his unique gospel of love. But, still, many would not believe or understand.

The religious conservatives wouldn’t like this friend of publicans and sinners. The religious liberals wouldn’t like his insistence upon being born again and repenting of sins. Jesus would infuriate some theologians with his simple words that the whole Gospel could be summed up in the words:

“Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbour as yourself.”


3 thoughts on “Would Jesus make the TV news?

  1. I could imagine he has already returned, and been ignored by most. Or has he appeared as Ghandi perhaps, or as others?

    I can’t imagine he would be repeating just what he had to say to the Jews, there would be a contemporary message for these times. Yet always the same basics – “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbour as yourself.”


  2. Awesome. Yes, Jesus would annoy many.
    WWPD. What Would Paul Do?
    I wonder how Paul would have done things with Jesus as the example?
    Because of the orderly fashion in which the book of Acts is written, because of the missions and leadership principles, we may assume he intended Acts to serve as a training manual for pastors who were committed to spreading the Gospel. Unfortunately, most Christian leaders don’t accept the Book of Acts as a guide for how to plant and multiply churches. if spiritual leaders spent just half their time doing what Paul did, the world would already have been evangelized several times over. And the churches they planted would have been born with multiplication in their genetic code.


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