Sssh! Don’t speak about it.


THE truth that makes men free is, for the most part, the truth which men prefer not to hear, said Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Herbert Agar

And sometimes politicians don’t want people anywhere near the truth.

Tony Abbott’s new Australian government is hushing up academics, climate change specialists and human rights defenders. Even his own ministers are being gagged.

It reminds me of another time, when another Liberal party chief, then-Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, described church leaders who spoke out about poverty and injustice as “meddlesome”.

Martin Luther King, another meddlesome bloke, was more than a dreamer. His mission was, as he described it, “to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed”.

It was, in fact, a call to action against the status quo. King wanted justice and equality and he wanted it now.

When King campaigned against the Vietnam War, The Washington Post denounced him as “irresponsible”. Time described King’s views as “demagogic slander — a script for Radio Hanoi” and complained that he, as a pastor, should stick to civil rights issues.

King talked of economic tyranny and dared to speak about US “imperialism”. He was much too confrontational for many in power.


23 thoughts on “Sssh! Don’t speak about it.

  1. “Republicans are a psychotic monstrosity. They are God, and the flag, but they wouldn’t know Jesus if they fell over him…” Norman Mailer


    • The problem, Jimbo, is that the Democrats made them look like a better alternative.

      ….same as the bloody ALP out here.

      What is it with the moronic electorate that it has the embedded mindset that they have to choose between one pack of party-mongrels or another?
      …or vote at all?

      One has surrendered the right to to complain ~ let lone resist or even revolt ~ when one is responsible for the for the situation.


  2. If you reckon Abbott’s a sleazy nazi have a look at Napthine (and Ryan).

    ….and then hang your heads in shame, any of you that voted ~ for ANY politician.

    It’s all YOUR fault, and it’s going to get lot worse.
    ……These bastards make Hitler look like a gentleman.
    ….and uber-intelligent.


  3. Capitalism is wrong because it allows people to become rich and then they will become consumers.
    Rich people are evil because poor people are poor.
    Made made climate change should not be debated, just accepted.
    Socialism is kind and caring.

    I hear this quite a bit.


      • Sorry to do this Bryan, but I have no way of deleting them and I’m trying to get the page I’m actually looking at to load. Not this cat! lol


      • I have no quarrel with capitalism. It makes life a game, players really striving to be top of the heap and so advancing society. Great fun, unless you’re at the bottom of the heap, but even then it requires striving to keep your self and family alive.

        Striving, competing, playing, is good for us, but when we play black jack for matches here, we don’t horde the matches, we give them back or share them out, start off level another day.

        In real life we keep a proportion of our rewards, a proportion going in taxes. Fair enough that the millionaire has more than I do – he has earned it. Fair enoigh that the Jones’ have a better car than our family does – they have earned it. All is fair until cheating and greed enter the game.

        Playing for matches illustrates we CAN have a good game without greed. And even the best player needs others – we all play our part as losers. But also as consumers, very much needed for the capatilist game. It’s no game when numbers of consumers die off and spoil the game.

        It IS a game to those right at the top of the heap, and it’s only there I can see greed. Lower down some are doing deservedly well. Still lower, people are getting by. Not so good for those near the bottom, and usually not their own fault.


      • I’ve always admired Milton Friedman’s approach, even when I’ve disagreed on a particular point.

        But the bottom line is that the worst of ‘capitalism’ manifests when other ideologies tamper with it (via socio/politico/religio/etc considerations) and try to impose some mongrel-bred system that serves NO useful ends.

        And realistically, it’s such attempts at hybridism that create hordes of ‘the poorest of the poor’ (as I’ve often asserted in different ways) and also ‘greed’ in principle and practice. (No time to go into it today, but the connections are obvious to anyone not blinded by their own ideologies…and the concepts that form them (eg. ‘equality’, ‘democracy’, ‘god’ , etc.).
        As a rule ‘pure’ capitalism sets up a competition in terms of productivity, marketing, logistics and sustainability.

        Socialism in all it’s many forms, including ‘religion’, sets up a competition between people, in terms of ‘rights’, ‘equality’, ‘political correctness’, etc., artificial intangibles imposed by equally artificial governments, which, of course demand a tithe/tax/sling/etc. for the service. This, apart from the falsified value-systems, creates competition on a personal level. (Which is probably why the Soviets used to award impressive prizes for ‘Heroes of Socialist Labour’, ‘Heroes of he Soviet Union’, etc.

        ‘Pure’ capitalistic competition is the engine upon the natural world operates
        ….and it works.

        eg. Fred the Blackfeller comes home with a dead kangaroo, takes the best bits for himself,and shares the rest with the tribe.
        Next week he arrives with another ‘roo, only to be told there’s been a democratic election, everybody’s equal so he has to take turns at the best bits of the ‘roo, PC ‘rights’ have decreed his gin is entitled to half his share whether she drops her lap-lap for him or not, and that the Ministry For Affirmative Action has decided that henceforth he must wear gumboots whilst hunting kangaroos in order to allow everybody a ‘fair’ opportunity to build their self-esteem.

        Obviously, the more hunters in the tribe the greater the potential food-income, so henceforth major portions of any ‘roos killed will be handed to anybody who breeds a piccaninny or six.

        ….and about then a sweaty evengelist appears of the horizon, signalling the final extinction of the tribe.


      • I think greed is everywhere, at the top, down the bottom. To want what another has earned, is greed, it’s envy. You don’t have to be at the very top to cheat and lie, people who steal are cheating, people who pretend to work, are lying.

        I agree with you though, that greed is a bad thing and it does affect others – but we will never be able to control that. It’s human nature. Hopefully with the help of God and the Holy Spirit, people would be able to be changed from the inside out, because no ‘system’ will ever stop it.


    • What d’you think, Kathleen ~ is this bloke a capitalist, consumer, evil, poor or a socialist.
      …..or, like most of god’s ….er, ‘mobile’ creations, just light-fingered?? 🙂


      • Believe it or not, it was a serious question: he could be any ~ or all ~ of them, I thought.
        ..and it makes the point: look at the resultant hotch-potch. 😉


      • I can’t get it to play properly, but get the idea.
        Something I was taught about sixty years ago was that a bicycle alone was easily the most efficient form of transport ~ including, on a calorific count ~ walking.

        Batteries have their uses, but are easily the most inefficient, unreliable and expensive of energy-storage and and use devices.

        But, as with everything else, it gets down to priorities, convenience and sometimes ‘fashion’.
        The bottom line is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch….or a perpetual-motion machine. I reckon a competent mathematician/physicist could demonstrate that to cover a given distance would take 5-15 times more energy using this contraption than it would a simple, well-engineered bike.

        As I say, it gts down to priorities.
        Perhaps the Ferrari?….


    • …….only if you mean out in ‘left-field’ 😉

      But here’s a snap-shot of modern politics in action: lotsa fancy footwork and no brains.


      • ooops. Meant to post this one; the graphic are more descriptive of the average voter.. –>


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