Men taking credit for women’s work!


THE majority of prehistoric cave paintings may have been created by women, a study has found.

Archaeologists looked at hand stencils in France and Spain from around 40,000 years ago and compared the ring and index finger lengths. They discovered at least 75% of the 32 examples studied were created by women. This challenges the common belief that men made rock art as part of a hunting ritual.

According to National Geographic Society that supported the research, about three-fourth of the hand stencils found in caves in southern France and northern Spain were probably made by females, accounting for the majority of the cave paintings in the given period.

Most of the researchers propose that hunter-gatherer men made cave paintings of animals to chronicle their hunts while the women towed the meat. The new find that women made cave paintings suggests that women too took the role of hunting.

“There has been a male bias in the literature for a long time. People have made a lot of unwarranted assumptions about who made these things, and why. It wasn’t just a bunch of guys out there chasing bison around,” Snow told the National Geographic.

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7 thoughts on “Men taking credit for women’s work!

  1. Really? The article uses words like “probably”, “propose” and “suggests” indicating that they don’t know. But this sort of propaganda is typical of today’s political correct ideology.


    • Hm,
      Apparently none of you guys saw the programme on SBS last night (Monday) called What makes us Human? The latest scientific research on female body capabilities was included. Exploded a few old truisms. all not quite as simple as you are supposing.



  2. This is a fine crowd to talk about “unwarranted assumptions”.
    Every single point they raise is based on entirely unfounded ‘proposal’, up to and including the claim that: “There has been a male bias in the literature for a long time.”
    Evidence, please!

    Anyone who really wanted to know of any nexus twixt hunting and cave-art (assuming there IS one in reality) need do no more than visit any Bush Blackfeller tribe out beyond the Black Stump and ask.
    My guess is that they can remember the name of the blokes who did the murals at Halls Gap and Ayres Rock (and all over the rest of the continent)……40 or 50 thousand years ago.
    …..or, more likely the old women can: they seem to have a talent for connecting family relationships in any culture 😉

    Anyway, the idea of women hunters is laughable on purely observational grounds, as anyone who’s ever seen a woman run, jump or throw can attest.
    …picture Monica chasing a wallaby down the track, carving-knife and basting-brush in hand, spice-rack clamped between her knees. 😯


  3. Or perhaps men’s hands were more femine-like then? But I could well imagine women painting hunting magic for their menfolk without themselves hunting.


    • Of course anything’s possible, Strewth.
      But the reality is that we don’t know; and to date have no way of even measuring such relativities.

      But objective considerations might be that throughout history, down to the present day, human females show no great skill in/inclination for ‘artwork’; neither do they demonstrate any great motivation for bragging about their achievements ~ except for persistently reminding their kids ~ and anybody else that’ll listen ~ about how much they suffered in the labour-ward! 😉 .

      And, despite ‘feminism’, etc. women still have an inbuilt tendency to measure their ‘status’ according to the status of the male they can ‘catch’.

      bugger!! that just revived the image of Monica bounding (bouncing?) through the scrub in pursuit of that bloody wallaby!


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