Gender-Based Abortions Spark Outrage

A GROUP of Christian lawyers plans to sue two medical doctors who have raised a storm of controversy for arranging the abortion of female fetuses because the parents wanted boys.

Andrea Williams, CEO of the London-based Christian Concern, said her group would file suit against the doctors since the Government declined to charge them.

In an Oct. 7 letter to the attorney general, Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer said the Abortion Act of 1967 “does not expressly prohibit gender specific abortions.”

Starmer said the only basis for a prosecution would be that the doctors failed to carry out “a sufficiently robust assessment” of their patient’s health.

Disclosures that women were being granted abortions based on the sex of their fetuses followed an undercover investigation by London’s Daily Telegraph in February last year.

The media group secretly filmed doctors agreeing to terminate fetuses for sex selection purposes.

Responses to the media reports were swift.

“I am extremely concerned to hear about these allegations,” said Andrew Lansley, a former health secretary. “Sex selection is illegal and is morally wrong. I’ve asked my officials to investigate this as a matter of urgency.”

In a statement today a spokesperson for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales said: ”People are right to be outraged that some parents are seeking to use abortion as a means of gender selection. It is the worst form of discrimination to kill a baby because she is the ‘wrong’ gender.”


40 thoughts on “Gender-Based Abortions Spark Outrage

  1. The question is why this has been allowed to happen for so long. Why weren’t the non Christian feminists up in arms about this? Once again it is the Christians who bring these sort of issues to light… secular feminists are generally nowhere to be seen on the scene.


  2. Every time I object to the raising of children in a religious environment, or the conditioning of young minds in religious schools, a storm of righteous outrage insists that it’s the right of parents to raise their kids as they choose.

    If that’s so it must equally be the right of parents to choose NOT to raise kids if they choose not to, or only to raise kids that they choose to raise.

    There are worse things than being dead, as my sister-in-law was fond of saying.
    I suggest that having to spend a lifetime being unwanted, perhaps resented and deprived of all the good things because of one’s gender is one of those things.

    …. and being thus rejected because of one’s species is another. Most of the animals I deal with have been severely damaged because they are not ‘wanted’.

    Are any of you willing to help alleviate their plight?

    Or, if you’re going to be ‘speciest’, perhaps you should offer to adopt the kids who’d otherwise be aborted by parents exercising their Free Will.


    • I was thinking about this topic today Dabs,

      And actually wondered whether an unwanted child was better off being aborted. Can you believe it? I can’t. I abhor the holocaust of the innocents and even I can entertain such wicked thoughts. Just goes to show you what a slippery slope mankind is on.

      Without a deep conviction of what’s right and wrong, we can justify any immoral action we want to, so long as we believe that it is for the greater good. How we deceive ourselves into thinking our actions are noble. And I wonder just how low our species can get.


      • Good for you, Mon, for even giving it a thought.
        But it’s a response that, once again, I see as stemming from a very conventional perspective ~ and that alone makes it questionable. For example, your injection of such terms (or even concepts) as “wicked” and “moral”: such concepts have no place in the world of reality: nature.

        Not that I’m a fan of abortion, but while ever this absurd idea that anyone can breed, anytime, and as much as they want, they’re not only creating problems for “the greater good” (which will at some point everwhelm the entire world), but, much more importantly from my own perspective, will generate endless misery.
        (Want to see more pictures of those starving kids featured recently ~ which are only one small example of the needless suffering?)

        My own perspective also decrees that while there’s often a rationale for death (which awaits all of us in any case ~ courtesy of god, if you insist!) , there’s never one for generating or allowing the existence of cruelty.

        In a natural world the issue wouldn’t arise; but since our species has achieved the ability to manipulate the natural order ~ admittedly often for the ‘good’ (and invented concepts like morality in an attempt to control it) ~ our species is also obligated to use its powers to minimise the damage caused by its manipulations.

        And while there are some valid reasons for terminating pregnancies, if I had my way the ‘parents’ of the aborted fetus would be barred from ever again procreating, on pain of forfeiting their own lives. (Perhaps being mandatorily desexed, for all the sound reasons we desex other species.)

        I’d suggest that aborting a child for whatever reason clearly indicates that neither god or mother nature considers the ‘parents’ as suitable agents for procreation.


      • Oh good for you Dabs,

        I am so relieved to finally know how you really feel about abortion.

        Now tell me, what did you think of Chopper Read?


      • Google Baby P – of course you can be better off dead. I’d like to know where these same idiot Christian lawyers were during his 17 months of life.


      • Liked him, Mon.
        …but wouldn’t trust the psychotic bastard unless I was standing behind him.

        In a world in which gangs fought for supremacy (and members) he had the capacity to be a gang all by himself (with sometimes a little help from his friends.)


      • Don’t tell anyone Dabs, but I liked him too in his latter years. I think he realized in the end that he wasn’t invincible after all. Age and illness has a way of mellowing us, even the toughest of us, I think. He seemed to have regrets, which makes him human after all. May he finally rest in peace.


      • Bubba Ray,

        Baby P was let down by everyone who should have cared—“Social workers, doctors and police committed a catalogue of errors which led to the toddler’s death at the hands of his mother and her sadistic boyfriend.”

        Where they all “idiot Christians?” I doubt it.

        I worked for years in the Dept. of Child Welfare and believe me, I’ve seen my fair share of horror! If I had owned a gun back then you can bet I would have used it on these mongrel parents. Fortunately though, the majority of babies are wanted and loved.


      • Hello to Monica,

        So during the life or after the death of Baby P how many lawsuits did these idiot Christian lawyers take out ? Did they sue anybody ? I’d bet not. When they start showing the same desire to care for living children as they have for dictating what a woman can and can’t do with her body then they might have a tiny bit of credibility.


    • Consultant paediatrician Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat failed to spot Baby P’s broken back. There’s a photo of her wearing a head cover. She’s a Muslim Bubba Ray.


  3. Dad Tells of Love for Down’s Baby He Wanted to Abort

    A father has spoken of his love for his daughter who has Down syndrome, after he tried to persuade his wife to abort her.

    Heath White, an FBI agent from Texas, was interviewed on ESPN last year and said his 5-year-old daughter Paisley is a “light in the darkness.”

    White has gone public with his story in order to save other parents from aborting Down syndrome babies.

    He says, “Nobody knew the way I felt before she was born, and if I can keep one family—one person—from having to live with the guilt and almost making the mistake that I almost made, it’s going to be worth the pain that Paisley will feel later in life knowing the way I felt.”

    Back in 2006, White discovered his wife, Jennifer, was pregnant, and scans showed the baby had Down syndrome.

    White says his main concern was what other people would think of him.

    He says, “I did everything I could to try and force her into having an abortion.”

    Jennifer White says she contemplated an abortion for about an hour because of her love for her husband. “He wasn’t ugly or rude or abusive or anything like that. He was just absent. He just wasn’t emotionally there at all,” she says.

    But she says a little voice in her head said, concerning his encouragement for her to have an abortion, “No way. It’s not happening.”

    Jennifer White gave birth to Paisley on March 16, 2007, and says she felt like she had “lost a baby.”

    After she started feeding, though, she described Paisley as “good—she’s perfect.”

    Heath White, on the other hand, took another few months to realize Paisley was just like any other kid.

    He says, “The turning point—I had her down, and I tickled her, and she laughed and giggled at me and tried to push me away.”

    Before Paisley was born, White ran competitively, and he realized he could continue this together with his daughter. He ran while pushing Paisley in a special stroller, taking part in nine marathons and several 5K and 10K races.

    He says, “Everything I’ve done, everything I’ve tried to accomplish, it was never going to be perfect, but my love for Paisley is perfect.”

    CHARISMA News—7/10/2013


    • Yet again the problem is the memememe thing.
      Such people are only ever concerned with how an issue effects themselves.
      Do you really think Paisley gave a stuff bout being wheeled around in a marathon?

      And, let’s face it, she’s NOT “just like any other kid”, and certainly NOT “perfect”, now
      …and will be decidedly less so after her self-centered parents cark it.
      Will YOU take her in and care for her?

      It’s cruel and it’s unfair to condemn anyone to such a life.
      And under any other circumstances no law anywhere would allow anyone to be so afflicted.


  4. So you can’t choose to have an abortion if it is because of gender selection, but you can choose to have an abortion if you feel the time just isn’t right to have a baby? What’s the difference?


    • No difference at all Kathleen.

      Foetuses are penalized for OUR mistakes. You know how Jesus was made the scapegoat for our sin, well that’s what we do to our own unwanted offspring. They pay the penalty for our momentary pleasure.

      How horrific would nature be if we witnessed every species of animal trying to abort their pregnancies. Just visualize the mayhem of animals dashing themselves against rocks, etc. trying to get rid of their unwanted young. What a totally demented and messed up world we would live in if that were to happen too. But it’s okay if we do it ’cause no-one has the right to dictate to us what we can and cannot do with our bodies—right?


    • You’re confusing issues, Kathleen.

      The differences ( though they matter very little) are that the gender-selection case puts parents’ selfish concerns first.
      The second case apparently (hopefully) demonstrates a primary desire for the welfare and concerns of the child.
      eg. The African woman who produces a kid knowing she can’t take care of it physically,
      ….or it may simply be a case of a woman recognising she’s not mentally/emotionally capable of raising a child.
      In the latter two cases the woman’s stupidity or carelessness or lack of control in getting pregnant demonstrate that ~ although abortions could be seen as legitimate, since in each case the (bleak) prospects of the child are the primary consideration ~ the women involved aren’t suitable to be given the responsibility of raising children (and maybe even passing on a gnetic defect that produces stupiditiy, etc.).

      Therefore penalties ought to apply to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

      Desexing ~ voluntary or otherwise ~ should be the order of the day.


      • Yes Dabs,

        I understand what you are saing—each circumstance is different and one rule or plan of action doesn’t cover all and every need. In a perfect world I suspect we would not need abortions, but it’s not a perect world. Mistakes are made and we generally have to live with the consequences of our mistakes.

        Yesterday I was remembering the horrific conditions the unwanted children placed in Romanian orphanages had to endure all because, “In an effort to increase the Romanian work force, former communist leader Nicolae Ceauşescu outlawed contraception and abortion in 1966. Thousands of unwanted children were placed in state orphanages where they faced terrible conditions. With the fall of Communism, many children moved onto the streets. Some were from the orphanages. Others were runaways from impoverished families. Today there are 20,000 children living on the streets while the resources for sheltering these homeless youths are severely limited.” (Wikipedia)

        I am dead against abortion being made illegal again. Who on earth would want us to go back to the dark ages where women terminated their unwanted babes with coat hangers? I wouldn’t! But I just wish abortion was made a little harder to get and as such, that more rescources were made available by governments to ensure the welfare of our children. I can’t help thinking that abortion is seen as a quick fix by governments…..and by society in general; that it is an easy way out for all concerned, except for the most vulnerable, the unborn, of course.

        And I most certainly defend the right to be able to express our views on the subject even if it is unpalatable to most. How will we learn what is right and wrong if the voice of righteousness is stifled? The Bible says for people to protect the weak and down-trodden and that abortion is wrong because the Lord has said, “You shall not murder,” (Exodus 20:13).

        The day we Christians start saying what’s popular instead of what‘s right, is the day we lose ourselves.

        “The Word of God is truthfully faithful, reliable and dependable. It is proven true and worthy in times of desperate need and our darkest hours. You can take them to a bank and cash them. But you must believe”…….Geraldine Vermaak


      • Dabbles, it seems strange that taking care of the welfare of the child means killing the child.

        Also, I wonder why there are such issues with adoption. I think it’s Hugh Jackman’s wife who is leading the fight against restrictions on adoption.

        So many people are childless and would love to be able to bring up these precious angels.


  5. It may ‘sound’ strange, Kathleen, but their ARE worse things than being dead.
    Never being born can easily be seen as the happiest of options.

    Adoption, even with the best possible outcomes ~ which often isn’t the case ~ is a stop-gap at best. As with the rescue, rehab. and rehoming of other animls, the need (and demand for resources) is overwhelming and increasing. One result is that standards drop, warehousing becomes common and everyone suffers ~ often including the rescuer/foster-carer.

    Despite all that, I hold with the philosophy that childless people are childless for a reason: ‘god’ or evolutionary forces have decreed they’re not suitable, and such decree should be challenged with caution. If they’re genuinely concerned with ‘little angels’ (particularly more so than with their own desires) there are plenty of other ways they can contribute without actually needing to own one.
    And in any case it doesn’t offer a realistic solution. Can we really rejoice over the saving of one child if at the same time it means accepting that thousands of others are suffering cruelly and dying every minute?

    The bottom line is that the need for resources will ALWAYS far outstrip the availablility
    of resources, a circumstance that will continue to grow until something definitive is done to prevent people breeding like rabbits on viagra.

    Child abuse comes in many guises.


      • What are you saying Bubba?
        That abortion is the better option than adoption?
        Quite a few people have been adopted and the difficulties with many more being able to be adopted need to be seen to.


      • Have a problem with written comprehension – I’m saying well that’s good for you but so what? What is it about you that’s so special that it’s the way the rest of the world should live?

        In 2011-12 over 170,000 children were the subject of a notification of suspected abuse or neglect
        41,000 children were on a care and protection order at 30 June 2012.
        over 39,600 children were in out-of-home care at 30 June 2012.

        During 2010-11 there were 384 finalised adoptions across Australia

        Tens of thousands of neglected / abused children and you’ll solve that with 300 odd adoptions.

        Fine if each prospective parent wants to take 100+ children.

        Otherwise your just another idiot Christian blathering on.


      • I think you are the one with the comprehension problem.

        I said there should be MORE adoptions. Get it?


      • Bubba…. my response that adoption worked out for me (and I know of plenty others) was to this comment by Dabbles.

        “Adoption, even with the best possible outcomes ~ which often isn’t the case”

        It’s not a matter of me being special you dope, it’s a matter of adoption itself being an alternative.


      • There should be more adoptions ? More by a factor of over 100 how on earth do you propose that will happen? Close IVF clinics ? Outlaw surrogacy ? Somehow wind back the medical advancements that have reduced the demand for adoption? Or just force people to adopt start rounding up otherwise happy childless couples and give them children, hundreds of children if they want them or not.

        As long as they are not same sex couples right ? I’d be willing to bet you’d have no support for same sex couples wishing to adopt.

        To suggest that a complex societal problem can be solved with a throwaway line like “more adoptions” is idiocy of the highest order.

        And your fantastic little anecdote of 1 happy out come somehow makes the thousands of unhappy outcomes just go away does it ? More idiocy.


    • Looks like those idiot Christians are the ones who don’t just blather, but actually do. You might want to learn something from them Bubba….

      “The 22-year-old’s biological mother was faced with an extremely difficult situation. The victim of a sexual assault, the young woman became pregnant with Dutton and was given an ultimatum by her husband: Either abort the baby or get a divorce.

      She chose to keep the baby, leading to a “ridiculously inspirational life story” for her daughter. Rather than aborting, she carried the baby to term and worked with Lifeline Children’s Services, a Christian adoption group in Birmingham, Ala., to ensure that the baby girl was given a good life.

      Dutton’s adoptive parents served on the agency’s board at the time and when they heard about the situation, they took action.

      Fast-forward to 2013, where Dutton — running on a platform of adoption advocacy with the campaign slogan, “Light up LIFE” — is a happy, healthy young woman. And she’s giving credit to the Christian organization that made her birth possible.

      “Because that resource was made available to my mother, she decided to give birth to me,” she said in a campaign video for Miss Homecoming. “And here I am talking to you guys 22 years later.”

      In that same video, Dutton said that if she could deliver one message to women who find themselves pregnant, it would be that they aren’t alone and that help is always available.”


  6. ps. Since you brought it up, I have here another of god’s little angels that desperately needs to be adopted. It has four feet and fur and a delightful nature, despite having suffered the most horrendous brutalities.
    Want to put your money where your mouth is?
    (Bryan can give you my address)


    • Are you talking to me Dabbles?

      Why not kill it, rather than risk it having a bad life?

      I minded my sister’s rabbit (she ended up with only one) while she was on holidays. The cutest little thing, but I felt bad that I couldn’t let it out for too long as I was worried it would burrow it’s way to kingdom come.


      • …and that’s always on the cards, Kate, though there are other options to try yet. For example, I’ve been keeping an eye open for a person to whom I’d give this house on the guarantee that they’d take care of the accumulated animals while I was away.
        But Oscar was right when he said sarcasm was the lowest form of wit.


      • ps. Did you know the RSPCA alone kills more than 260,000 animals a year because of irresponsible breeders and a lack of homes for them?


  7. Surely we are not still required to be fruitful, to go forth and multiply? We’ve done that, task completed. Sometimes it takes us a while to catch on to God’s evolving plan. Now we, can accept abortion and homosexuality, an excellent way of providing loving caring relationships without proliferation of the population.

    I think though that gender based abortions should be permitted only where there is already one child of that gender.

    I once requested an abortion. With three children and all of us suffering the effects of a dysfunctional marriage I didn’t see how we could cope and felt it unfair to a child to bring it into such a life. My request was denied, and that child became one of my greatest blessings.


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