Small houses in paradise

A wealthy woman who spent her time and wealth on herself dreamed one night she was in heaven.

Seeing a large mansion, she was told it was her gardener’s. To her shock, her home was only a small cottage.

When she questioned this, she was told by an angel: “Well, we did our best with the materials you sent up.’’


5 thoughts on “Small houses in paradise

  1. There was an Englishman, an American and an Australian swimming and bathing in the jungle in 1905, when suddenly they were confronted by a ferocious native. “You have violated this sacred water and must be punished…” said the chief native, “You will die a slow death and we will make canoes out of your skins ….”
    “Not bloody likely old chap” replied the Englishman, and pulled out a knife and thrust it thru his heart, and drowned. “Same here … I refuse to die at the hands of savages” said the American, and thrust his knife thru his heart and died, floating on top of the water.

    The Australian pulled out a fork and stabbed himself all over in a frenzy,,, “Well, there goes ya bloody canoe mate …. ! “


  2. This Egyptian Pharaoh dies and ends up at the pearly gates with all the gold and treasures he’d accumulated in his pyramid. Old Pedro looks at him and asks him – You’ve brought pavement?


  3. It never occurred to me hat they needed small houses in Paradise.
    ….but I guess it explains things like thunder and rain and terms like: ‘It’s pissing down”.


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