Wealth is like manure

Desmond Tutu, the former Anglican archbishop of Cape Town, said that humanity resided in mutual respect and interconnectedness.
Speaking about South Africa years after apartheid’s end, he noted there were still yawning schisms of race and class and mad consumerism.

He named poverty as one of the most serious challenges facing the world.
“We will never win a war against terror as long as the conditions for poverty and injustice remain,’’ Tutu said.
Speaking to a group of teenagers, Tutu said: “How about exporting your generosity instead of your bombs? You are the future of the world. Don’t become cynical like us old folks who made a mess of the world. The world is hurting. Go and heal it.’’
Tutu has more than once quoted the old Hindu saying that wealth is like manure in a field. It makes a bad smell in a large heap. When distributed across a field, the smell is non-existent and whole soil becomes fertile.


17 thoughts on “Wealth is like manure

  1. True and wealth comes in many forms, money, talent, heart and spirit.

    I’ve met people who have such a generosity of spirit, that you can’t help but feel ‘healed’ in their company.


  2. Our ‘duly-elected’ politicians also agree that the cash should be made available so’s they can spread their manure.
    Why don’t the mug taxpayers demand that the politicians THEY voted for be treated like everyone else: pay your own bloody travel-expenses ~ all of them, always ~ out of a salary so big not even Abbott’s nose could accommodate it, and claim them back from the Taxman.
    He, after all, has the nose to smell bullshit no matter how thickly or thinly it’s spread.


      • Now THAT’S a good suggestion!!
        ,,,,and removing a leg would also reduce their traveling expenses by 75%, right?? 😉
        ……… but wouldn’t impede the amount of bullshit they produce.
        Perhaps we could send it off to Tutu?

        Who SAYS I’m not generous?? :0


      • Wellllll….I could say I give myself a lot of pleasure, and am a grateful recipient.
        ….or I could tell the truth……. 😉


      • ….or I could say I don’t have any idea ~ as my arithmetic seems to demonstrate.
        A three-legged cow would only reduce her travel-expenses by TWENTY-five percent, wouldn’t she?

        But I am generous enough to refrain from mentioning that none of you lot picked it up either 😉


      • The missing leg is the Govt’s ‘cut’. They have to personally escort the cow you see and need to claim travel expenses.

        Your own personal generosity in real life tends to be the full cow.


      • Keep thinking Kathleen! (“Your own personal generosity in real life tends to be the full cow.”); …It’s dangerous but exhilarating!

        Your comment endorses my view on the taxation issue.


  3. ps. Nobel Prize awarded: God-particle recognised. No god attached.

    Scratch Genesis: there was no “In the Beginning”.

    Verily, verily I say unto you:- all god’s victims/martyrs must be REALLY pissed off! 😉


  4. Haven’t we addressed that ….er ‘bullshit’ proposition previously?
    Wasn’t the point made that if the manure is spread thinly enough then it ceases to have any benefit at all, to anybody?.
    Q… How far across the paddock would Tutu stop the spreading, and who decides that?
    Q… Who provides the investment capital : the manure to buy the the cow ~ and, without a cow, how could he get it?
    Q…. and where does he get the necessary ‘manure for the running/maintenance-costs (feed/housing/vet-bills/etc) if all available manure has been spread across the fields?

    …perhaps we should stage a trial-run? Spread Tutu.


  5. There’s many opinions, but surely it’s not rocket science to realize today, that if the government offers free education and health, or spends more money on education and health, there will be far less people in our prison system and less need for law enforcement thereby saving far more tax payers dollars in the long run … it’s called vision. (smaller class sizes, for example) But we spend on corporations, who privatize our education system, and anything else that’s not strapped down. They privatize medibank as we speak. So here we go again… they drop the rates…. everyone joins … then they raise the rates and everyone leaves. This is called capitalism at it’s dumbest. I thought the calls for a revolution against this neo-capitalism on twitter especially… was a little extreme.

    Not anymore….

    Shutting down the most powerful economic country in the world over health for it’s citizens after their banks and monetary system failed them, and failed them dreadfully?

    Who’s kidding who?

    The manure is not the wealth.


    • All of that makes sense, Jimbo…which is why it’d never work.

      eg ” less need for law enforcement thereby saving far more tax payers dollars in the long run …”
      Even if we had NO crime, bureaucracies and State departments would NEVER be abandoned. The ‘duly-elected authorities’ would simply pass new laws: something along the lines of it being illegal to live a law-abiding life.

      Brings to mind a vague memory of a (Orwell? Huxley?) description of a future society where a ‘fireman’s’ job was to go around lighting fires!

      Violent revolution is the only way, with the rule that Party-Politics are not permitted, if politics are considered necessary at all.
      ….and a sacrosanct option for the individual to drop out and not participate at all.


  6. A saying often quoted by the wealthy – it seems to be a popular motto among rich “philanthropists”. It has been attributed, in slightly variant wordings, to steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, New York “socialite” Brooke Astor, Clint W. Murchison (chairman of Tecon Corporation) and Kenneth Langone (founder of The Home Depot.)The capitalist wants to be a philanthropist.

    Ashamed or not, Astor gave nothing to the victims of her family’s rack-renting. Instead, she gave $200 million to cultural institutions. Similarly, Carnegie endowed the arts and academia, but gave nothing back to the workers who slaved in the heat of his steel mills at poverty line wages – twelve hours a day, every single day of the year except 4 July.

    On the other hand, giving away all your possessions does nothing to solve the problem of poverty. It is like trying to rescue someone in a deep well by jumping in down there too. Better i.m.h.o. to stay in a position where you have the ability to pull him out or get help.


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