Poor journalism on Fox News…again

FOX News host Anna Kooiman fell for a fake story that said President Obama is using his own money to keep a museum dedicated to Muslim culture open during the government shutdown.

The US government has been shut down since Tuesday. The co-hosts of “Fox and Friends Saturday” lamented the closure of the World War II Memorial, which Kooiman claimed “doesn’t seem fair especially” because “President Obama has offered to pay out of his own pocket for the museum of Muslim culture.”

The fake report came from National Report, a parody news site.

Seriously Rupert!!!


22 thoughts on “Poor journalism on Fox News…again

  1. The other news sites, like CNN and MSNBC have fallen for hoaxes as well, quite a few times. Again and again.

    Fox really irks people because it seems to be the only news station that is willing to challenge the Govt. Ask harder questions as with Benghazi. If it were left up to all the rest of the news outlets the American people would still be under the impression that Benghazi was caused by a Video.


  2. This one, even though it is funny and tragic at the same time.

    A news outlet read the names of what they thought were victims of a plane crash.

    ALL news outlets, need to up their game. Not only Fox.


  3. News items not checked! Surprise surprise. Our news in oz has gone down hill. Not sure if the 24/7 cycle has changed it but they create news rather than report it. It’s negative, inferences much and usually wrong. My respect for journalists is quite low now. I never watch certain channels or radio.


    • You’re right. I’ve heard it blamed on the pressure of instant and immediate news via other sources. The race to be the first to report has resulted in the above.

      I also believe that it has become less about reporting and more about opinion.


  4. Not that the typical moron that watches Fox News will notice, they’ll be repeating it as “fact” for a while to come.


  5. What IS the beef? ‘Twas always so.

    The first, and original, three rules of the media is ‘Circulation’, ‘Circulation’, ‘Circulation’ ~that’s where the money is ~ and if a few porkies or some racial-stirring or personal attacks are called for then do what’s required in the public interest; and if you still don’t have enough copy to fill the page, make it up! The only real difference between good media and bad media is whether or not you get caught out!.

    I understand that the bible was originally titled: ‘Journalism for Dummies’
    …and that Moses is the Patron Saint of journalists everywhere.

    I agree with that other victim of the newsmedia,Ned Kelly, who, in thick Irish brogue, reckoned ‘No noose is good noose’ .


      • Now THERE’S a truly journalistic response! …Y’could probably get a job with the Murdoch press if you were prepared to swallow anything…and regurgitate anything. 😉

        I’ll bow to your obviously superior insights however, if you can provide an insight into who’d spend money on advertising, advertising, advertising if a publication had a circulation of three copies?

        Split the difference??:- “‘Circulation’, ‘Circulation’, ‘Circulation’ ~that’s where the REVENUE is.”

        The bottom line is that not even that well-practised, finely-tuned and regularly updated publication, the WOG, could survive in the electronic age if it weren’t for the huge (free-offer-based) circulation and the exemption from Censorship, Libel and Consumer Protection laws .

        ….any ….er ‘truth’ in the rumour that Murdoch has made an offer for God Publications PtyLtd?


      • The Age was once described as a cash cow by Rupert because it targeted an audience with money and was able to pitch higher advertising rates , despite the fact that the Age circulation was much much smaller than the Murdoch papers. It was all about marketing…..


      • Good point.
        Never occurred to me, though there are ample examples in just about all walks of life.
        Or used to be. Wonder if that’s still the case in a world where mass-production, built to a price rather than a standard and hyper-marketing has become the norm.

        I, for one, never pay any extra for ‘brand-names’ any more, but will count money well-spent if I can get an enforceable warranty (from a company that will still be here next week) of more than about three months.

        Even fairly expensive stuff rarely has a warranty of more than twelve months these days, whereas a 10-year warranty used to be commonplace.
        More and more you’re not even able to pay extra for an extended warranty, so the big hope is that incredible advances in technology will give one the edge, value-wise.

        And that seems to be a universally-accepted approach. Could be why Fairfax is broke and dying?


  6. I’ve noticed it’s only the west have tea party politics and journalism … the rest of the world are disgusted. I’ve just read this book entitled “Etiquette and Good Manners” by Sarah Maclean, written in the 1960’s. (British) So funny in parts, as you can imagine. the Topics include :

    Weddings, table manners, tipping, dating, clothes, invitations, parties, relationships….

    There’s this one section that just amuses me : “One should never raise their children as Americans do … or you’ll end up with a spoilt brat…” and then the author gives examples.

    But we’ve always known this, haven’t we? But today it’s much worse… I find it really amazing that we sit back and let the most absurd, obscene, stupid, extreme, cruel, greedy, corrupt actions take place, sometimes on our behalf, before our very eyes , and do nothing.


  7. That’s why it’s great that in a democracy, we can all read whatever papers, watch whatever news we like. People can disagree, say that their opinion is right and everyone else doesn’t know what they are talking about – and the other side can disagree and sling it right back.

    Truth will be somewhere in the middle, most probably.


  8. NPR, National Public Radio which is partially federally funded was caught in a doozy a couple of years back.

    Standards went out the window, when it came to raising funds for the station.

    Maybe they should have tried more advertising.


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