Man Forgives Father For Injecting Him With HIV As Baby

WHEN Brryan Jackson was a baby, his father, a hospital technician, injected him with HIV-tainted blood to avoid paying child support to his ex-wife.

Doctors believed that Jackson would die in five months, but he’s still alive today at the age of 22. The St. Louis-area man this week said that he has forgiven his father for trying to kill him.

“I find myself praying for my father’s salvation,” said Jackson, who says he owes his positive attitude to his Christian beliefs.

The 1992 murder attempt made national headlines, and Jackson has used that attention to gain support for various nonprofit initiatives.

In 2009, Jackson founded Hope Is Vital, an organization that raises AIDS awareness and works to stop discrimination against people who are HIV-positive. He has also served as a speaker for Project Kindle, which provides summer camps and other recreational programs for children with serious illnesses.

His father, Brian Stewart, was sentenced to life in prison for first-degree assault in 1999. Though he is now eligible for parole, it has not yet been granted.

Jackson changed his first name from “Brian” to “Brryan” to separate himself from his father’s identity when he was growing up.


10 thoughts on “Man Forgives Father For Injecting Him With HIV As Baby

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  2. Oh the power of forgiveness! This is an awesome testimony of what we can do though God’s grace, just as Brryan forgave his father’s terrible act.


  3. But what is it that makes a person so self-centred and inhumane? The tree grows the way the twig is bent. How do we ensure babies, right from conception, get the best to develop well?

    It didn’t happen for this man, but I know he can discover a faith to turn his life around. The more simplistic and dogmatic the better it would work, imho. There is room and purpose in this life for many perceptions of God, I think.


  4. A man stabbed his girlfriend fifty times. He ended up in jail for 16 years. The mother of that girl took to drugs and alcohol to stem the pain. Years later she gave her life to Christ. She knew one of the guys in our prison ministry and asked him to send a message to her daughters killer. Tell him I have found God, that I forgive him for what he did. One day, we ran into that guy and the message was passed. He responded by saying how he found God in jail and was deeply grieved at his crime. He is now out but do not know what he is doing. The story has yet to end.


  5. so many emotions come to me all at once: anger, disgust, disbelief towards the father. And a huge sense of admiration as well as respect towards the son for his outlook and turning something negative into a positive, for forgiving his father.


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