Prayer for the day

Help me to be a beginning to others, to be a singer to the songless, a storyteller to the aimless, a befriender of the friendless; to become a beginning of hope for the despairing, of assurance for the doubting, of reconciliation for the divided; to become a beginning of freedom for the oppressed, of comfort for the sorrowing, of friendship for the forgotten; to become a beginning of beauty for the forlorn, of sweetness for the soured, of gentleness for the angry, of wholeness for the broken, of peace for the frightened and violent of the earth.
Help me to believe in beginnings, to make a beginning, to be a beginning, so that I may not just grow old, but grow new each day of this wild, amazing life you call me to live with the passion of Jesus Christ.

— from Ted Loder’s book, Guerillas of Grace.


2 thoughts on “Prayer for the day

  1. Reminds me of Isaiah 61:1-4. I love that declaration. I always used to believe that it could only be describing Jesus, but now I know better, that with our Helper the Holy Spirit, we too, if we are willing to be used of the Lord, can be empowered to love and do as the Lord does, and that truly amazes me.


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