A short story about compassion





2 thoughts on “A short story about compassion

  1. What a wonderful story. Kindness makes all the difference.

    I guess that’s an example of turning the other cheek.

    I am still upset with the show I glanced at last night—that’s all I could stomach to watch. It’s called Extreme Hoarders. It’s about people who have truly given up on life and live like cockroaches, in my opinion. At first I was angry, angry that they didn’t seem to care what they put their families through, not to mention their neighbours and the people that had to clean up their mess, and also angry at whoever’s idea it was to take advantage of them and make a regular TV series out of their misery, but I suppose the fee they received for appearing on TV probably financed the massive clean-up costs of their houses and property.

    But then I started to cry when I realised just how emotionally/ psychologically sick these folk really are. They were wounded. All suffered loss and were trying to fill the void in their lives with junk or animals. They need professional help….and to be looked after. But, understandably, their children had given up on them.

    Yes, the world needs more compassion.


    • How often do we remember that God values each person we come into contact with as much as He values us?

      Mother Teresa said she saw Jesus in every face she saw. It’s hard to do that..but it’s right


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