Who are the happiest in Oz?


THE happiest people in Australia are not well off, and most of them live outside our major cities.

Researchers have found that money really doesn’t buy happiness. Quite the opposite.

According to a Deakin University study in recent years, the most miserable people in the country live in Sydney’s most affluent suburbs.

Those in some of the poorest areas in the country are much more satisfied with their lives.

The study found that the happiest areas had lower population, more people aged over 55, more women, more married couples and less income inequality.

That last point’s interesting. Another study shows that, given a choice between earning $50,000 a year while other people make $25,000, or earning $100,000 a year while other people get $250,000, most people choose the first option.

Humourist H.L.Mencken would know why. “A wealthy man is one who earns $100 a year more than his wife’s sister’s husband,’’ he once said.


9 thoughts on “Who are the happiest in Oz?

  1. I presume these ‘researchers’ (“Researchers have found that money really doesn’t buy happiness. Quite the opposite.”) are the ones happy to do their research for money? 🙂

    …and this (“…given a choice between earning $50,000 a year while other people make $25,000, or earning $100,000 a year while other people get $250,000, most people choose the first option.”) makes sense.

    It’s a fact of life that in any given area retailers/tradesmen, etc. tend, as far as possible, to set their prices (and conditions, etc.) at the highest levels it’s perceived the local population can pay.
    The same applies to various other ‘authorities’, including house-prices, Council rate-setters, etc.

    The lower levels of income-earners can spend up to 100% or more of their incomes than do the higher levels of income-earners.

    And the attitude permeates everything ~ even varying perceived levels of affluence in the same local areas.

    “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, ….(or bank accounts)
    But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”


  2. What you say is very true, Dabbles, but if everyone else is worse off you don’t feel so hardly done by. We want some things, we need some things, and a certain amount of money is necessary for our needs.

    I’m mainly agreeing with you, but having more money past what we need doesn’t guarantee happiness. Especially if our income is interest on capital, and we worry about maintaining that.


    • Certainly NOTHING can guarantee happiness.
      But I think having cash reserves beyond “what we need” (however that’s defined) CAN bring happiness, depending on what makes us ‘happy’.

      …and therein lies the rub; while we worry about maintaining income it distracts us from working out ~ and on ~ what makes us ‘happy’.

      I’m an anarchist by nature, but also by conviction, based on the self-evident proofs that ANY system of ‘government’ has at it’s heart the aim of extracting from its subjects as much money as possible (on an ongoing adjustable basis) with the singular intent of keeping its subjects on that nervous edge and thus entirely dependent and subservient.
      Of course there are suitably-engineered distractions, like football, constantly-moving tax and interest rates and religion. It’s a well-established fact that while your ‘mind’ can be kept focussed in such diversions your arse belongs to whoever wants to use it.
      It’s probably why god prefers devotees on their knees.

      Government (ANY form of it, including god’s!) is NOTHING other than a power-trip by those who have nothing much else going for them.
      Australia ~ and it’s supposedly desirable ‘democratic’ government~ has one of the highest income-systems (and so-called ‘standards of living’) in the world)
      But nobody has anything they can truly call their own, including self-determination ~ and most live in the terror called ‘Helplessness’
      ……which translates into ‘Worthlessness’ and ‘Lack of Being’.

      …..Except, of course, for a few who won’t ~ or can’t ~ play the ‘game’.
      Anyone CAN get out of the ‘system’ (and be responsible for their own ‘income’ among most other things) if they’re prepared to make a fight of it if necessary ~ as it will sometimes be.

      As Lazarus Long commented:- “The small-mouthed variety of anarchist has spread through the Galaxy at the very wave front of the Diaspora; there is no need to protect them. But they often shoot back. ”

      Life’s a battle we all, having been born, have to fight; whether we fight on our feet or on our knees is about the only choice we have.
      ….and the ONLY thing we have no choice about is dying.

      Must go; more about alternative finances another time if you like.


      • So, what would stop me from coming to your house, grabbing your poodles and skinning them alive Dabbles? Oh that’s right! It’s that evil government (including God’s) who makes laws against this sort of anarchist practice! And my freedom of choice… to abide by this law…
        I bet that if I scratch your anarchist surface, I would find that you are not an anarchist after all. Perhaps I should send my wife’s cousin at your place and get him to skin your poodle and test your anarchist theories eh?


      • Another proof that there’s no god!
        Any god would need a basic modicum of braincells (three would do), and, having them, would be too intelligent to create life’s davincis.

        But by all means send your wife’s cousin around; he’d live just long enough to give me your address. 😉

        …or why don’t you come around with him? The poodle’s best mate, Critter, enjoys the odd rrrrsoul for desert.

        ….Dinkum, on the other hand, tends to prefer the protruding tidbits. He goes straight for the testicles, faces, that sort of thing.


      • Never fret, Mon. Idiots don’t rate more than a 3-count.
        (By definition, and ‘Idiot’ is someone who doesn’t realise that being an ‘anarchist’ is my nicer side ~ the side I present to the world so’s people will like me. 🙂 )


  3. People ought to understand that money sources can dry up. That is why Jesus said not to accumulate treasures here where thieves break in and steal it. Contrary to popular belief it is not money that is the root of all evil but rather love of money. In other words happiness is tied to where your heart is. Money rightly understood, is a tool. A tool against hunger, injustice and poverty. For a christian, happiness is often associated with how they use their money rather than merely accumulating money.


    • That’s a copout. People only ever knock money because they’re too dopey to make a quid. 😉

      ps “money sources” would only ever “dry up” if governments stop the printing presses….which NEVER happens. The US mint alone has been producing 800+ billion dollars a month to ‘stimulate the economy’ since the GFC. (about 6 years go.) ~ many TRILLIONS!
      So far it hasn’t worked: the cash, instead of swilling around in the economy, has been ‘disappearing’.

      In Oz, too, large sums of banknotes have been mysteriously disappearing ~ rumour has it much of it into the mattresses of christians looking forward to Armageddon, when they’ll be able to “use” it. Their financial wisdom has it that the price of a berth in heaven will skyrocket in direct proportion to the amount of cash in play.


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