Making the homeless smile

POPULAR YouTubers Sheikh Akbar and Adam Saleh of TrueStoryASA decided to change things up with their latest video.

Instead of making a fun, entertaining prank video, the two devout Muslims decided to bring some cheer to the streets of New York and make the homeless smile.

Armed with fresh fruit, spare change, and extra clothing, they traversed the rougher parts of the Big Apple, giving a helpful hand to those who truly need it.


6 thoughts on “Making the homeless smile

  1. If the Pope can accept gays and Iran can get rid of it’s nukes, why can’t the republicans pass Obamacare? Instead … they take 20,000 people off food stamps. North Korea eat your heart out… the Americans are trying to out do you in the scum stakes….


    • ??? Why do you ask Jimbo? Though Don Camillo was a partisan (and still reportedly keeps an armoury in the belfry of his church, what makes you think this new bloke’s any good as a sniper? 🙂


  2. Wonderful things bananas…and very versatile.
    They can generate smiles in all sorts of ways.
    Ray Comfort even generated smiles when he found a use for one as a sex-toy. 😉


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