Angels fly because they take themselves lightly

The poet Daisey Verlaef said: “ You’ll meet more angels on a winding path than on a straight one.” And so it seems.

Sarah McLachlan sings live….In The Arms of the Angel


12 thoughts on “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly

  1. er….Pyromaniacs take themselves ‘lightly’ too.
    But they can’t fly of course….though sometimes the more incompetent of them do fry. 😉

    ps…it’s Sunday. Already! Again!


      • Is it ever!…Frying past at a …er, sizzling rate!

        I sometimes even doubt Einstein’s Special Theory about an absolute speed limit; 186,000 miles per second just doesn’t seem fast enough to measure what’s happening.

        …but in the end, as always, I blame god!
        (Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad, according to Prometheus, another ‘light-bringer’)

        Even worse is that He’s just toying with me: only stuffs me about on His day off, when he’s got nothing better to do.
        ….like flagellating needy catholics, for example.


  2. Thanks Kate.
    But my health is getting older at an alarming rate too! 😦

    I always reckoned god got it arse-about.

    He should’ve arranged it so that we’d climb out of a hole in the ground aged about 150, and then aged DOWNWARDS.
    That way you could actually enjoy being fussed over by a flock of clucky sheilas and grow ever more responsive as your you got breastfed and your tushie powdered ~ and lotsa other stuff entirely wasted on babies.

    And while you were waiting for your hormones to gain momentum you could fill in the time by reading all the good literature, listening to Mozart, enjoying the great movies, etc. without having to go through all the John@Betty stuff and wasting years getting used to Shakespearian language.

    About the time all that was getting a bit less time-consuming, and poetry was becoming a bit of a struggle, you could get into the workforce: find a chair as company director or discover a cure for cancer or religion or whatever. With a bit of luck or canniness you could begin to take it more easy about the time the stress of top-level responsibilty began to be a bother ~ and then take ever more time out for sports like womanising and wine-tasting as your physical (and hormone) levels not only increased your stamina but also your excitement at the diversity of options, all unrestricted by the fears and cautions that interfere with pleasures and risks by the time one’s in a position to enjoy such things under the current regime. You could get pissed and party all night instead of having a warm glass of milk and hitting the sack by 8pm. And instead of being some old fogey with enough money to by a Ferrari and then driving it at 40 kmh because your eyes and reflexes and nerves were failing, you could be a reckless 18 yo who could REALLY get the best out of 600 roaring hp.

    ….and so on and so on….until eventually you found your way into some sheila’s knickers and disappeared forever. (Heaven?)

    No wonder I bitch about the passage of time and failing physical attributes, hey?

    So much for ‘Intelligent Design’ !!


  3. Don’t fret, Kathleen: I’ve got another six years to live.

    Though my chosen role of Devil’s Advocate has been fulfilling, I decided a while ago to lift my career-sights a bit and stage a palace coup and take over the joint when the time is right!!

    To date I’m only 66. 😉


      • I’ll lay back and try to enjoy the experience!
        But you’ll only have about 5.8 years to achieve your ambition; if you wait until I add the last 6 to the other two I’ll be beyond your reach!

        ….But you won’t be beyond mine!! hahahahahahahaha!! <—-(evil cackle! 🙂 )


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