The peace symbol is now satanic?


A Christian school in the Netherlands, Pieter Zandt Scholengemeenschap, was horrified to find an allegedly satanic symbol in its latest student diaries and asked parents and students to return their diaries for shredding.

That symbol? A peace sign.

School board chairman Johan van Puten told Dutch newspaper Trouw that a Google search (Google will tell you anything you want it to if you search long enough) revealed that the peace sign allegedly contains a Nero cross, which was used in Roman times to represent the torture of Christians, and now apparently has Satanist connotations.

Dutch News reported that van Puten made the decision to destroy the diaries, costing him $20,000, because of the flood of letters that he received from parents against the sign. “The conviction of the parents that the symbol was unacceptable was so strong that I knew a rigorous approach was the only solution,” he said.

The peace sign was really designed in 1958 by British artist Gerald Holtom for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), which was having its first major march in England.


2 thoughts on “The peace symbol is now satanic?

  1. But of course peace is a satanic concept!
    ….Think about it: how could ANYthing work without conflict?

    :lol:…just pictured Monica making peace with Old Nick!


  2. It got that connotation because of a practice in England and Ireland back around the time of the protestant movement. While many left the Catholic church for the newly formed Lutheran church many others returned to paganism. The Peace sign took on a negative connotation (though not satanic) when returning pagans would do a “cleansing” ritual. They would take the cross turn it upside down and break the arms to symbolize that they were at peace with being separated from God. Many associated that with the start of the peace symbol, claiming they are upside down broken crosses. That one period of time gave a negative connotation to a harmless symbol of peace and love.


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