Favorite story of the day

DEFINATELY in the category of Things That Make You Go ‘Hmmm……’
Drug authorities have reported that a group of Orthodox Jewish drug dealers in Brooklyn closed down for the Sabbath, notifying customers that they’d be closed from 7:30 p.m. Friday to 8:15 p.m. on Saturday.

The five dealers sent their customers warnings when they were about to stop selling heroin and other drugs because of Shabbat, authorities say.

“We are closing 7:30 on the dot and we will reopen saturday 8:15 so if u need anything you have 45mins to get what you want,” the message to over 50 recipients read.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/observant-brooklyn-drug-dealers-closed-shabbat-article-1.1450976#ixzz2edH7PABb


10 thoughts on “Favorite story of the day

  1. There’s a disconnect going on somewhere, isn’t there? The wiring between the intellect and the heart needs to be repaired. Like the good Catholic Mafia who make the sign of the cross before executing someone.

    Would you believe I thought I was going to Pergatory (For a Catholic that’s the next best place to Heaven) just because I was a Catholic? You see I was taught that Catholics were the only ones going to Heaven (eventually), so it didn’t really matter what I did because all I had to do was suffer a bit in Pergatory and God would eventually forgive me when I did my time of penance in that Place, then all would be well. I break out in a cold sweat when I think of how close I came to eternal damnation. 😯


    • That’s a good example (I think) of the nature of religion, as opposed to a true heart conversion. The Pharisees thought they were the only ones going to Paradise, didn’t they?

      I shudder to think how many religious folk have a false assurance of their righteousness.


      • Bloody cheek!….”The Pharisees thought they were the only ones going to Paradise, didn’t they?”
        ….Everyone knows it’s only the catholics! 😉
        (except, of course, the paedophiles, poofs and paupers who don’t pay tithes…)


      • Dabbles old mate,

        Dont really think that is true about the Pharisees. I think that basically their overwhelming popularity with the common people would disprove that.

        But when you turn to the Saducees, Well they thought that absolutely no-one is going to Paradise.



  2. What is even more laughable is that the Israeli cabinet is trying to amend their law to make Sunday a day of rest and their Sabbath a common work day. Thus destroying another bit of culture that has been traditionally associated with israel.


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