Predator Drone Strikes Kill Up to 50 Civilians For Every 1 Terrorist Assassinated: Study

PRESIDENT Obama has this year launched multiple drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, killing a few “suspected militants” and dozens of civilians in the process..

The problem, of course, is that Obama’s drone-a-holic foreign policy is shrouded in secrecy, usurps the rule of law, and with the amount of civilian deaths that it is causing is incredibly counterproductive in its stated goal of fighting terrorism.

Proponents of the drone war, including the president and his administration on the rare occasion that they do discuss it, claim that drone strikes are precise and only target terrorists. A study, however, from Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Institute finds that the number of Pakistani civilians killed in drone strikes “significantly and consistently underestimated” and that as many as 98% of those killed by drone strikes are civilians.


8 thoughts on “Predator Drone Strikes Kill Up to 50 Civilians For Every 1 Terrorist Assassinated: Study

  1. I have found on the US and their crimes against humanity. People mostly either prefer to ignore it, get angry or sigh and state it is a necessary evil.


    • So how come the phrase “honour killings” is associated with Islam? Who tried to assassinate the Pakistani girl who advocated education for women? Who assassinated Ghandi? You’re probably going to tell me its the great Shaitan or US!


      • Oh davinci,
        Honour killing like female genital mutilation is a cultural thing, not essentially a Muslim thing. And did you ever hear about the horrible mutilations and surgical operations that used to take place in America on young girls and others early in the 20th century, – and all to be justified by the sexual mores and beliefs that the medical profession had in those days? No? Well just do a bit of checking up on the matter and find out.




      • I should change my statement “both you and Rian would probably tell me its the great Shaitan (the US)!


      • davinci,
        Nah, as I’m sure you have already figured out, every single cultural group has performed dreadful and disgusting things to children at some time in their history. Just because America and Australia dont do some of those things today, as permitted by the authorities, we mustnt forget that they were done in the past. America just aint some awful and unique Shaitan.

        I guess that reminds me too that each and every one of us has done things in our earlier times that make us cringe or feel ashamed. Hopefully we have learned by some or many of those mistakes (or sins if you prefer) and dont fall into the same traps any more. Probably in a further hundred years time, we will look back on some of the practices and habits we have today and realize how backward we were in the 20th century. It is as it should be, I guess.



  2. Then the accuracy of the predator drone needs some attention. At the expense of ‘expendable cannon fodder’ …. no American lives are lost. Somebody in the Pentagon is learning fast….


  3. “Gentlemen PLEASE…. no fighting…. show some respect …. this is the WAR room ….” President of the United States, played by Peter Sellers, “Dr. Strangelove”


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